243: Becoming an Online Music Course Creator

So you’ve created and launched your online course successfully, now what? 

You have more time, freedom, and funds to allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but does it stop there? Most likely not, because if you have made it this far, chances are your dreams of expanding online will continue to grow and you love a good challenge.

In this actionable episode, host Jaime Slutzky wants you to consider three prompts that she will go over to help you envision what you want your studio to look like now that you have successfully launched your online course.
Jaime takes you through a thought exercise to help you gain insight on where you want to take your music school next. 

Since you are a creative person with a go getter attitude, you will probably have a ton of ideas after doing this exercise, so Jaime goes over how to narrow down your idea bank to suit what is truly aligned with your goals, and much more!
Tune in to today’s episode to hear how you can continue creating to help you expand your online school.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What does it mean to envision our studio after you’ve successfully launched your course
  • Freedom you get from launching your course
  • How is your course benefiting the people in your course?
  • Looking at the growth of your studio through your online course
  • Envisioning what your studio will look like 6 months down the road
  • The two camps of teachers that approach us for enrollment in our music course
  • Understanding who you are making this course for
  • Narrowing down the idea bank
  • How to connect with your online students
  • How to avoid self sabotage 
  • Three prompts to consider in today’s episode

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