The who, what, how and why of the TECH OF BUSINESS podcast...

When I decided that it was time for me to host a podcast again (see below for my podcast history!) I wanted to create a show where each episode could stand alone and inspire you, my listener, to embrace technology to advance your business.

This was no easy feat -- there are so many shows interviewing entrepreneurs and business owners, how was mine going to stand out and help you grow? I dug deep and looked at what drives me -- and it hit me, showcase what lies in my zone of genius: technology that makes businesses more profitable, retain clients longer, create great experiences and fulfill the mission of the business owner.

There are three formats to the episodes: interviews, deep dives and tech breakthrough.

Interview Episodes

My guests and I chat about some of the tech tools they use to run their business. Sometimes we'll discuss a specific tool, how it was selected and what impact it has on their business. Other times we'll touch on a system or process that drives their business. And still others will showcase specific social media platforms and how they are weaved into the business.

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Deep Dive Episodes

The deep dive episodes take concepts and tech tools discussed in the interview episodes and focuses on how implementing the specific tool or tech concept can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Tech Breakthrough Episodes

In the tech breakthrough episodes, I will help my guest through a tech roadblock or decision point. We will go behind the scenes of their business to strategically add new tech to their business or refine the tools already in place.

I am thrilled to have you join me for the TECH OF BUSINESS podcast. Connect with me on social media.

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January - June 2015

Fit with Flair Podcast

The Fit with Flair Podcast aired 2-3 times/week and focused on the online presence of fitness professionals. Most episodes were solo shows discussing social media and blogging. It aligned with my core business in 2015 which was building WordPress websites for Fitness Professionals.

I ended the show as I pivoted away from solely working with Fitness Professionals.

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