Hey, I'm Jaime Slutzky

My mission is to bring more art education online

Jaime Slutzky

Helping Art Education Businesses Thrive Online

I specialize in making online technology do its job so that you can spend more time in your zone of genius and trust that the tech is going to support your business dreams.

I understand the principles of a solid tech stack and balance this with what my clients truly need -- I do not believe in the one-size fits all method but in finding and implementing the best right tool for the task at hand.

With my degree in Computer Science, 11+ years in corporate IT and a decade supporting online business, I have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate your online journey


My family means the world to me...

In addition to running the Tech of Business Agency, a technology strategy and implementation agency for artists, I share my life with these amazing people!

Sam and I have been married since 2003. Camryn came along in 2006 and Hayden completed our family in 2009. Camryn loves to dance and Hayden is a gymnast... they are both creative and full of joy -- and that creativity boiled over into helping me see that I'm supposed to put my tech brain to use to bring more creativity and joy into the world by working with art instructors.

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