Email List Workshop Series

6 week program for getting that email list up, running and working for you!

The Email List Series of Workshops is for the music teacher looking to add some level of online group programming to their studio offerings and extend their prospective student community.

Is this you?

  • Stuck with knowing where to start and how to build an email list?
  • Downloading all the freebies and going cross-eyed trying to understand the jargon?
  • Unsure of the ROI on growing an email list at all?

Then Join Us!

  • Get started growing and nurturing your email list
  • Understand the reason behind the list and your efforts
  • Create true relationships and foster community through email
Stop being hindered; start getting what you want with an...

Email List Workshop Series

Session Topics

  • All things freebie creation and delivery
  • Fostering community and building relationships beyond the broadcast
  • Learning with and through your email list
  • Generating an idea bank for broadcasts, automations and funnels
  • Selling from your emails
  • and more

Why Now?

The ROI on an email list is massive. Statistics show that 1 - 3% of people will buy a program or offer direct from an email list. This conversion increases the more connection you have with the people on your email list and the more opportunities you give them to interact with you. Successful teachers are able to fill their programs within hours when they offer a program to well qualified individuals. In the ballpark of 15 - 40% range. SERIOUSLY.

All this for a one time investment of $597

(or two payments of $350)

Who is the Email List Workshop Series For?

If you are...

  • A music teacher looking to expand (further) online
  • Filling all available spots (most of the time)
  • Wanting to become a sought-after teacher
  • Looking for a way to connect off social media
  • Ready to showcase your genius!

But probably not if you are...

  • Working from other people's lesson plans
  • Not self-motivated
  • Close minded
  • Unwilling to commit to regular written content.

What's Included

  • 6 Weekly Live Training Sessions

  • Private Facebook Group

  • One on One Voxer Access

  • 3 Freebie Reviews


  • Freebie Landing Page Reviews


Hi, I'm Jaime Slutzky

I am an experienced and knowledgeable online technology strategist who works with music teachers who have caps on their income or time to create scalable online products and services.

With my degree in Computer Science, 11+ years in corporate IT and over a decade supporting online businesses, I have the expertise, insight and grit to help you expand your business online.

Using my signature Strategy, Support, and Tech methodology, I walk you through the process of taking what you already know and love in your one-to-one lessons  transforming it into a global online music education studio.


All this for a one time investment of $597

(or two payments of $350)


There are no refunds or transfers. You will get out of this workshop series what you put into it (and then some!)

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