5 Day Workshop for
Independent Art & Music Educators

2020 gave you the insight that online can work for arts education.

Now it's time to level up and discover how to leverage your methods for greater impact and income online.

together we will Go from
"i can't do so many zoom calls with students" to
I've got a plan for growth, impact and profits!

This free, 5-day Expanding Online Workshop will teach you the fastest way to get a quality art education product online for increased revenue, freedom and impact!

It’s time for you to take your signature methods
and turn them into an online product!

Stop wishing and waiting for business to magically pick up.

Start embracing the access, reach and opportunities online.

Stop thinking you can’t translate what you one-on-one into group programming.

Start creating your legacy through leveraging your talents!

Ready to do art education on your terms?

The Online Expansion Masterclass is your FAST TRACK to launch!

Who is

Jaime Slutzky

Jaime is an experienced and knowledgeable online technology strategist who works with music teachers who have caps on their income or time to create scalable online products and services.

With her degree in Computer Science, 11+ years in corporate IT and over a decade supporting online businesses, she has the expertise, insight and grit to help you expand your business online.

Using her signature Strategy, Support, and Tech methodology, She walks you through the process of taking what you already know and love in your one-to-one lessons  transforming it into a global online music education studio.

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