Expand Online Incubator

A group program for artists to turn your
 in person instruction into an online scaleable product .

2020 took away much of your livelihood.

It forced you to recalibrate and rethink everything about your teaching business...

Now you're wondering how to move forward to create a sustainable income.

You know that going online is the only way to stay afloat...
But you have so many questions! And there are so many unknowns!
You just don't know where to  start.

There is a way to be profitable, create an impact and teach with purpose without fearing another lockdown will collapse your business.

Introducing the

Expand Online Incubator

A group program based on my signature process for translating your offline workshop and classes into online scaleable products

You are hindered by

  • Only making money when you are with students
  • Not having more time to give your students
  • Externally imposed limitations
    • Studio availability
    • Rental agreements
    • Lockdowns & Viruses
    • Weather
    • Traffic

You just want

  • An income that matches your talents
  • More control over your schedule
  • A deeper connection with your clients and their art
  • The ability to show up, teach and motivate on your terms
  • To create a legacy
You need the

Expand Online Incubator

Working together and as a group with other artists, we will transform your business from only offering in-person instruction into a scalable, dynamic, global online art education business.

What's included

  • Strategy

    A succinct and cohesive EXPAND ONLINE strategy specifically for your business and goals.

  • Support

    Weekly group calls, a private Facebook group and unlimited correspondence in our private dashboard.

  • Tech

    100% of your tech will be built out and configured for you.

Who is the Incubator Perfect For

If you are...

  • An art, music, dance, theater instructor
  • Teaching classes and workshops locally
  • Ready to take control of your income no matter what comes our way in 2021
  • Wanting to keep supporting students who have completed your programs
  • Looking at the quarantines and lockdowns and trying to find an unshakeable revenue stream

But probably not if you are...

  • Working from other people's lesson plans
  • Not self-motivated
  • Close minded
  • Reluctant to take action
  • Wishing to have everything done for you

How the Incubator Works

  • Brainstorm & Breakthrough

    We will fully flush out your idea, mold your online offer and build something you feel in full alignment with.

  • Solid Tech To Support Your Goals

    We will find simple, easy to use technology that makes bringing your online art instruction a reality.

  • Structured Program Development

    Using a full project plan, you'll develop the content for your program. We will use the group as an external lens to make sure your program is fulfilling and creates an impactful experience.

  • Confidence & Validation

    We are going to build your program that is on par with (or better) anything you've ever been able to offer in person.

  • Launch &

    It's time! We're ready to release the program to your awaiting audience. We will also define the success metrics, how to gather feedback, how to manage this new online business and how to determine when to expand further!

Working together inside the

Expand Online Incubator

You will...

ExpandonlineArtboard 35

Deliver your online program to your first set of clients

ExpandonlineArtboard 35

Have an online home for your program, have a way to create and foster community and a way to communicate with your customers

ExpandonlineArtboard 35

Have the confidence to sell your online program to a larger audience

ExpandonlineArtboard 35

Know that your tech was set up correctly and will do what it's supposed to do

ExpandonlineArtboard 35

Have the ability to show up, teach and motivate on your terms

ExpandonlineArtboard 35

Know what's next on your online journey

Investment in The Expand Online Incubator

$997/month for 12 months

You can also pay-in-full and receive a 10% discount

Client Feedback

Jaime is my lifesaver.

I'm pretty independent as far as my website but Jaime knows way more than I do. I'm relieved and happy to know someone so skilled and so friendly at that same time. All the questions that you may have, all those confusing things... not only does Jaime know how to fix them, but she enjoys it!!!

Yafa Crane Luria

Artist, ADHD Coach

Client Feedback

Clay Kirkland

After fifty years of my playing harmonica professionally and thirty years of teaching, Jaime Slutzky has propelled me into a wonderful new era of my life.  The teaching platform she is helping me build is blowing me away.  I know my students will love it.  Jaime is not only a genius, she cares deeply about helping artists expand their careers big time.


Let's make this the easiest decision you make today:

Would you rather spend $2000+ on a course that "teaches" you how to expand online but offers minimal support, no done for you sevices and no guarantees? OR would you prefer getting real time feedback from a mentor holding your hand along the way and get all the tech done RIGHT for you?
Would you rather spend hours and weeks searching YouTube and Google for how to do things? OR would you prefer to focus on the product and making it the best, while knowing all the implementation will be taken care of?
Would you rather have your income and reach capped by external forces? OR would you prefer to breakthrough and expand online where you make all the rules?

Hi, I'm Jaime Slutzky

I am the owner of Tech of Business, a technology strategy and implementation agency for artists. I host the Expand Online podcast, which launched in April 2018.

I specialize in making online technology do its job so that my clients can spend more time in their zone of genius and trust that the tech is going to support their business dreams. I understand the principles of a solid tech stack and balance this with what my clients truly need -- I do not believe in the one-size fits all method but in finding and implementing the best right tool for the task at hand.

With my degree in Computer Science, 11+ years in corporate IT and a decade supporting online business, I have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate your online journey


Investment in The Expand Online Incubator

$997/month for 12 months

You can also pay-in-full and receive a 10% discount

Frequently Asked Questions

I started working with clients offering in person classes and workshops in 2010 and have seen just about everything since that time. My experience and methods will help you succeed with your online goals even if you don't know what you're going to offer and how to create it.

These are all great tools but Expanding Online takes more than just great tools -- it takes strategy, planning, organization, support and implementation. You don't get all that from a software tool alone.

Working in this intimate group means that you can focus on the results you're helping your clients achieve and the content that you're going to provide them. I handle all the tech setup and our group is there to support you during the creation process.

While in the Expand Online Incubator you will realize your online vision faster, with less overwhelm and more confidence.

These are the pillars to my work. Strategy helps us know where you're going, what's motivating you to get there and keeps your goals front and center. Support assures that we keep moving forward, that stumbling blocks are moved out of the way and provides external accountability and validation. Tech is my jam and it's a major cause of overwhelm. With me taking tech off your plate, you can focus on creating the best online product for your clients.

A coach helps you figure out what you need to figure out to create what you want to create.

Whereas inside the Expand Online Incubator, I partner with you to create and a solid plan and work with you every step of the way to make that plan a reality.

And between sessions, I work inside the tech for each member's project, which is something I'm uniquely qualified to do, and that a coach cannot.

If you feel that a short call with me to address your specific online goals would help you make a decision on the Incubator, click here to book a call.

I promise that you will recoup your investment in the Expand Online Incubator program within 60 days of launching.

If you do not recoup your investment, I will provide you with one 60-minute work sessions where we can rework your offer, tech and/or delivery.

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