What if you could reach your business goals by working smarter, not harder?

It’s totally possible! You just need the right tech...and the right person to help you understand it all.

So many business owners find themselves struggling with technology in their business. They hear about the latest and greatest app or software and sign up, but they have no idea how to make it work for their business. Or they’re still using the same things they’ve used since the beginning — even though it’s never really worked properly for them. Or they have a good mixture of new and old, but nothing is automated correctly.

Whatever category you fit in, here’s the hard truth: you are wasting time and money!

That tech (new or old) isn’t doing what it needs to, but you’re still paying for it. And what’s worse, you’re losing countless hours doing things manually when the tech you already pay for could be doing it for you while you sleep!

What if you could…

  • Have more time and energy to work in your zone of genius — the business you created?
  • Stop being afraid of the tech you have in place?
  • Not worry about taking a day off because you have the systems in place to let you?
  • Grow your business bigger than you ever imagined?

You absolutely can!

My goal is to help business owners discover what tech they really need — and then help them make it work for them! I call myself a tool agnostic. What I really mean is that I’m never going to push you to use certain software or app. I may have a few favorites, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

Some of the tech that I commonly work:






Deadline Funnels



Acuity Scheduling

If you don’t see your favorite tech on there, don’t worry! I’ve probably worked with it before. In my nine years in the online business world, I’ve seen nearly everything!

So, are you ready to stop being afraid of tech and start using it to your best advantage? There are several ways we can work together:

Tech Breakthrough Session


  • 55-minute Zoom Call
  • Video recording
  • Walking away with answers you need
  • Perfect if you want it Done With You

Tech Tool Audit


  • Complete audit of your tech tools
  • Action-oriented report
  • Quick wins to save $$
  • Long-term objectives to increase efficiencies
  • 72-hour turnaround
  • Perfect for DIYers

Tech Intensive


  • 3 Zoom Calls
  • Thorough analysis of your tech
  • Creation of a living blueprint of your tech Implementation of recommendations
  • Eliminate redundancies, increase efficiencies, integrate your tech
  • Two weeks to better tech
  • Perfect if you want it Done For You
  • Payment plan available


This full day (or half-day) will take you from 0 - 100% with that tech tool your business needs to get to the next level. No more pushing it off and waiting for someday.

You'll get a full day (5 hours) or half-day (3 hours) of my undivided attention working in your business tech to get it all setup, connected, synchronized and tested so that you can start making sales the very next day.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to get started.

Tech Breakthrough Session

This one-time Done With You session is the best way to get help with that pesky tech issue that’s been keeping you up at night, get the answers to the burning tech questions you have, or to walk you through step-by-step how to fix your tech problem.

You’ll get 55 minutes of my undivided attention on a Zoom video call — and you’ll get the recording when we’re done, so you can focus on what we’re saying, not taking notes.

If you’re not sure where to start untangling the mess of your tech, this may be the first step for you.

Tech Tool Audit

The most profitable chapter of your business is just around the corner — all you need is a road map to get there. This isn’t the magic bullet that everyone is promising, but it is exactly what you need to understand how you can use your business tech more efficiently, which will turn you into that more productive, more profitable, and more fulfilled business owner that you want to be.

Your custom Tech Tool Audit provides the clarity you need to move you forward. Within 72 hours, you'll have a beautiful and action-oriented report to help you use tech in your business more efficiently - each and every day!

This is perfect for the DIYer who figures things out (with thanks to Google and YouTube) because you know that NOW is not the time to lose momentum in your business by going down the tech rabbit hole again.

Your audit report includes quick wins which will cut your ongoing expenses immediately. From there the report will focus on insight and recommendations that will save you more money and increase efficiencies in your lead--client--delivery system to increase revenue. And finally, refine throughput to get the most out of your software and serve your clients better than ever before!

The Tech Intensive

The Tech Intensive creates a solid foundation upon which you can reach all your business goals. Together we will work through my proprietary Tech Stack Framework to create a living blueprint of all the tools and software in your business.

The framework was developed based on the holes I've uncovered through years of working with clients online. Working through the Framework we will eliminate redundant and under-performing software, identify tools that haven't been fully built out, increase the effectiveness and usefulness of all tools and create integrations where they don't currently exist.

You'll never fear tech again after our two week intensive. At the end, you'll have a blueprint that clearly explains how, when, where and why tools are being used and how to make the most of them — but more importantly, you’ll have tools that actually talk to each other. And don’t worry. It isn’t intensive for YOU! During those two weeks, I’ll be implementing my recommendations and putting the plan into action, so you don’t have to.

Other Services


I fully customize and integrate Thinkific schools for clients. Whether you’re launching your first course, looking to move to Thinkific, or have been on the platform for years, I can help you make it happen painlessly. I’m an official partner with Thinkific, and have helped dozens of people like you create profitable Thinkific schools.

Virtual Summits

You have big goals for your virtual summit, but you might not know how to make it all work. That’s what I’m here for. I offer three levels of service to help you choose and set up the right tech infrastructure so your virtual summit goes off without a hitch.

Ongoing Support

After working with clients, I’m available to be your IT department. I’ll continuously work behind the scenes to add more pages, keep your tech running smoothly, and implement new ideas you have. I can handle that launch you have coming up, the new website you’re dreaming of, or the new software you’ve been dying to try.

Fill out the form below to discuss any of these other services

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