006: Mark Wade – Strengthening Your Business’ Posture for Success

In this episode, Jaime and Mark Wade discuss:

  • What is Hustle and Scale
  • How Mark brought technology in to help fix people’s postures
  • The virtual summit space
  • Tech that brought Mark success

Key Takeaways:

  • Mark was a pioneer in healthcare online courses because at the time, the majority thought medical curriculum couldn’t be legitimately taught through the internet
  • Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to embrace and try what’s new with software! That mindset will give you more opportunities to be successful sooner
  • Many Chat is a software that allows you to do what email marketing does, but through Facebook Messenger
  • Mark’s tech toolbox – Facebook adsZoomECammRev.comSaneBoxBuffer


“One of main reasons behind my thought process [for the American Posture Institute] was that I wanted these courses — the teaching, the education, the certifications — to be 100 percent online.” — Mark Wade


About Mark Wade: After transition from a brick and mortar business in the health industry to the online world, Mark created the number one leading brand for Posture Correction Education (American Posture Institute), using virtual summits to create his multi-million dollar business. Recognizing how powerful virtual summits are, yet knowing how difficult they can be to run, Mark went on to build the first and only software used to host a virtual summit (Virtual Summit Software), now making it easier than ever before to host a summit. Now Mark is helping Side Hustlers and Scalers grow their online business by creating successful online platforms. Mark has also created a number-one hit podcast in iTunes, as well as hosts a waiting-list only mastermind called Puerto Rico Masterminds with top industry experts.

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Show notes by show producer: Anna Nygren


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