019 – Tech isn’t always the answer, with Allen Vaysberg

In this episode Jaime and Allen discuss:

  • Using technology in employee wellness and experiences
  • Why he creates memes and his process for creating and delivering them
    • Locate photo at depositphotos.com
    • Use PicMonkey.com to merge image with the proper words
    • Deliver meme via social media or email marketing
  • Creating content in a way that the audience is seeking
  • Making connections with the right people and for the right purposes

Key Takeaways

  • SEAMLESS is an acronym which reminds you of the eight things to do daily:
    • get plenty of Sleep (quality, uninterrupted sleep of at least seven hours)
    • Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of fresh water
    • Be Active for at least 30 minutes (activity doesn’t mean lift every day)
    • Meditate (nine minutes per day is a good start and you can do it!)
    • Love others, Love yourself and Insert something you Love into every day
    • Expand your horizons to continue growing (learn something new every day)
    • reduce your Stress (don’t manage it — eliminate it!)
    • get plenty of Sunshine & fresh airDo something that you love everyday, no matter how long you have to do so.
  • We all can use the same general set of tools and create results that resonate with our audiences. Just because a tool is free or low cost, doesn’t necessarily relate to how practical and functional it is in your business.
  • Go into your creative efforts with the intention to serve, not necessarily to just make money. The product will turn out better and the results will be more in line with your values. “See the cake for what is instead of what you think it ought to be.”

Speaker Quote

“Stay pure with your intention. And as part of the process [if your intention is pure] you’re helping people. And in that help, they could use more of your service which helps them, you and the universe.” – Allen Vaysberg

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