039: Rapidly scaling your business via Facebook with Carissa Hill

My guest today is Carissa Hill and we discuss finding the right platform by which you can radically grow your business. Carissa is a lifelong entrepreneur from Australia.

Her first successful business was a spray tanning and hair extension business. She started it at age 21 and by the time she was 25 she had quite an impressive business.

She grew the whole business using Facebook marketing and a basic html website. After building this business, she realized when she talked to people they wanted to know how she built her business so she started coaching. Then people wanted to know how she built the coaching business so now she teaches about that.

Why Facebook to grow local business?

When she started her business, Facebook didn’t exist yet, she used MySpace! Carissa used it because she loved connecting with people.

“I don’t see it as a tool for business, but rather for connecting with like minded people.”

She likes to use platforms that I actually like to use. I stick to what I enjoy using as do my ideal clients. Using a platform you don’t enjoy will suck all the joy out of what you are doing.

Golden nugget: enjoy what you are using and doing to grow your business. If you don’t enjoy it find something that you do.

How do you get started creating connections with potential ideal clients?

It starts with being that real authentic person. You can’t allow someone to form a connection with you if you are not being yourself. You can to show that you are a real person not just a business. A lot of businesses are afraid of showing that real side of who you are. There is something to be said about being an individual vs. business entity. People want to connect with people not businesses. Without personality, depth, emotion, it makes it hard for people to connect with your business.

What type of content do you like to create? Why do you like that content? How do you create it? Not just the tools but also the thought process…

I love live videos. I really love being able to connect with live videos. I have always used videos, but I love the live videos. It saves times, it forces me to be a little more vulnerable and authentic. It forces me to have a conversation with people in real time. It’s more about having a conversation with people rather than just being on a video.

The ability to go back to a video if you aren’t in a place to watch it live. It’s nice to be able to go back and watch it when you can. There is a FOMO element to live videos.

Do you go live direct on your phone or computer? 3rd party software?

Most of the time I use my iPhone or Mevo camera that live streams that makes it looked like an edited tv show but it’s live. When interviewing people i tend to use Live TV.

Check out the Mevo: https://getmevo.com/

When you work with our clients globally what is it that they are looking to accomplish?

I specialize in rapid business growth. The majority of what people come to me for is help with Facebookadvertising. I help them with improving their online branding, understanding their audience, creating content their audience wants from them, and then help them with the copywriting and such to target their ideal clients.

I do all my business through Facebook. I teach people to do what I do.

Here’s a Facebook ad, people comment on it, you have a conversation, and they either buy or don’t buy.

A lot of the time it’s based around changing their mindset and way of thinking.

Do you still work with local business or more online entrepreneurs?

Work with both right now. In kind of a transition where I’m teaching more about how I built my Facebook and launching in it.

Remember — The audience is not just online entrepreneurs and I want to make sure that everyone in the audience sees the value of using Facebook to grow. There are so many ways of learning a business and so many business types.

What are your best tactics for getting started having more content rich online presence on Facebook? Do you have top tips? Or starter tips for video content?

I listen to questions people ask me and I will make a video answering those questions. Whether it’s from my group or someone else’s group. I can do a video or content post about this on my page. I’m helping people with what they want help with which leads to engagement. I’ll even do a video on “what not to do” type of things when I see something I feel strongly about.

Any other tips?

Because it is putting you on camera, the energy that you put into it is important too. You have to have a little strategy for having intention with what you are putting out there. Positive energy is important. People will get what you put into it.

What do you think is the tell tale sign of someone having a bad day on video?

There’s only ever been one or two I have deleted. It’s been when I’ve been doing it for the sake of doing it. There isn’t an intention or for entertainment I’ve just done it to say I’ve done it. You can feel it when you are open and honest with yourself. If you feel cringe-worthy when you watch it then you should probably delete it.

How do you get so much done?

Repurposing content is amazing! Mostly my support team does the communication sales chats. I do have a bot hooked up that sends them a link for my free ebook. Adds them to email list etc. I try to repurpose as much as possible.

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