042: Success! Taking small steps creates huge success with Anna Lundberg

No matter where you are with using online tools in your business, I’m thrilled you’re checking out the shownotes for Episode 42 with Anna Lundberg. The underlying principle of what she shared was small steps in the right direction can create an amazing business.

Anna Lundberg is a coach that helps people transition their thinking regarding work. Her focus is on moving from the traditional corporate structure to working from home. Anna has a background in marketing… she worked for Procter & Gamble for and over her time there became a digital expert. She was the techie in a non-techie world. And when she’s in the tech world she is known as the marketing person. With her own business — it all has kind of merged together.

Anna’s technology transformation has been something that has been very gradual. One step at a time she has learned and evolved in the tech that she has in her business.

All the tools, websites, and systems we are using right now evolve as well. What there is now is WAY different that what it was 5 years ago.

There comes a point when your business grows that it’s better to outsource things like adding plugins and such.

Outsource maintenance to your website. Once it become systematic and standard then outsource that so you can move on to strategizing.

Websites Mentioned

https://www.rev.com: An on-demand service which gets your audio or video transcribed. It’s only $1/minute of recorded audio and produces really good transcriptions that can be used for many things, including captions and subtitles on your social media videos!

https://www.scheduleonce.com/ A software solution which allows easy calendar management. It takes the back and forth emails out of scheduling calls, meetings, work sessions and more. One of the differentiating factors with ScheduleOnce is that you can require the other person to pick three available time slots on your schedule and you get to decide which one of those is the best fit for your business and flow.

When it came time for Anna to launch a membership site, she did so inside her WordPress website. She chose to use Amazon S3 (Cloud Storage) to house all her membership site assets. I freakin’ love this — and went on to discuss the bandwidth benefit of NOT housing your heavy content within your WordPress and web host.

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Remember: Things are so different now than they were in 2013. Anna recommends defining what success looks like for you. Then begin to inform yourself and then tentatively start taking steps to achieve that success.

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