044: Tech for Strong Relationships with Jaclyn Mellone (MemberVault Series 2 of 5)

Jaclyn is the host of the Go-To Gal podcast and as she says she “Helps Experts Build Profitable Personal Brands” – She works with her clients on marketing, mindset and strategy.

My first question for Jaclyn was “Why did you end up jumping into the MemberVault camp and what are you using MemberVault for?”

I love her candor – she got started with MemberVault and it took a good 3 or 4 months before she actually took full advantage of the software. For Jaclyn, MemberVault is far more than a course or membership platform – see, she’s really big on relationship marketing.

Jaclyn doesn’t use every aspect of MemberVault — she continues to use ClickFunnels for her landing pages. For her, ClickFunnels offers key aesthetic, metrics and functionality that didn’t seem necessary to replace – they are working for her, so when she brought MemberVault in as a tool, it was not to replace ClickFunnels (which is a tool that is working in her business.)

That being said, she found ClickFunnels was not an ideal place to host her course and membership content – in her words “It was just always clunky and confusing for the end user.”

So again, she loves it for landing pages but needed a different tool for content delivery.

“If something’s working for you, don’t drop it just because Jaclyn and I are talking about something else. Just add this information that we’re sharing to your repository of if something’s not working maybe I’ll consider!” – Jaime… Click To Tweet

During her tool exploration she looked at Thinkific – it did exactly what it was supposed to do, but nothing more. She was kinda neutral and not all in on the software – it was just not the right tool for her and her audience. And she just didn’t think it was a WOW beyond what she could get with ClickFunnels…

And then we got back to talking about MemberVault and on first impression, she likes that she was able to brand it – pretty and cohesive are important to her and great user experience. At first it was just a better solution – and she hadn’t even “geeked out” on the back end yet!

Her first step, as MemberVault founders Mike and Erin recommend, was to put all her freebies into a subscriber hub which she calls “Free Goodies” – instead of having a bunch of dropbox links and random info in emails, it seemed just so much more functional and cohesive. Then she added just one paid course. This was the start to her MemberVault – visitors can see and access her free goodies and see the paid offer too!

The beauty is that just with the front end functionality, Jaclyn felt she was getting enough value out of the software… and then, whoa, she got into all the back end stuff.

“It can be overwhelming! With every new platform, it can do so much doesn’t mean we have to have it do all those things.”

Fast forward to present and Jaclyn has fully integrated MemberVault into her business and see it as a “Living, breathing representation of her email list.” She’s able to see what they are interested in, what they are actually doing… She asks them questions and is getting answers (a dream to hear from your subscribers!). All this boils down to just having more DATA.

In terms of relationship marketing:

“I feel like I’m able to make the right offers to the right people. And not just be blindly promoting things and just shouting!” – Jaclyn Mellone Click To Tweet

She has the ability to customize her offers and feels good about what she is doing. This approach also allows her to have more offers going at the same time because she is not making all the offers to the whole list.

The offers may be made through email automation based on their MemberVault activity, or when it makes sense to do so, she does personal invites.

One of her favorite “funnels” is a webinar to personal invites. Jaclyn takes us through an example in her business – the course called Best Month Ever!

It’s a 2 week live course that she sold for $99.

The promotion for the course was just to her email list and she hosted the entire thing inside MemberVault . With the data available, she was able to see who the most active participants were and who the less active people were. From there, she and her team were able to nudge the less active people along to make sure they were getting the most out of it.

  • It was a high energy two weeks.
  • 50% of course participants posted in the group that they had their best month ever.
  • With the course being hosted in MemberVault the course participants could see Jaclyn’s other offerings (some clicked all of them, others clicked one or two)
  • At the end of the course, Jaclyn asked what their next goal was – responses to this question were logged in MemberVault and helped Jaclyn see how her upcoming offers could fit with the student’s objectives.

Between the answer to the question, their participation and, what they clicked on inside MemberVault, Jaclyn was able to provide customized best offers for the most likely clients.

Note: this is not all automated, but that’s what makes this so special.

“In the online world, it’s so easy to use technology to its fullest extent and take the human experience out of it. But when you’re really helping people… when you’re able to take technology and layer that with personalization… that’s when your conversions go through the roof.” – Jaclyn Mellone

The data in MemberVault gave Jaclyn a preview of what her business could look like based on the action of subscribers and course purchaser!

If instead of using the data, at the conclusion of the 2 week course Jaclyn had said to her purchasers “you can join this membership or you can join this group coaching or we can work together one on one.”     Most people wouldn’t know what to do and they probably wouldn’t pick anything!

Human psychology says that people won’t pick anything if they aren’t guided. People want to be told the next step.

For Jaclyn, it made sense to promote the membership to everyone and guide others towards group coaching and still others towards one-on-one. She knows that her membership is great for gals who want to stick with one-on-one work whereas her group coaching is geared towards those that want to switch to a one-to-many model. Having the click data as well as the response to her final course question gave Jaclyn the information she needed to provide next steps.

As far as the one-on-one personal outreach – that came mostly from who actually clicked to learn more. Anyone can get value from one-on-one work with a coach or mentor, those that self-selected were more likely to already be thinking about it!

Bringing the conversation back to the present, when you go to Jaclyn’s MemberVault : https://jaclynmellone.vipmembervault.com/teaser today after you finish reading, you’ll find:

  • Free Goodies: both those that have dedicated landing pages and those that are more subtle, such as ones mentioned on the Go to Gal podcast.
  • Best Month Ever: the course we discussed above is available as evergreen, so you can start it today (and also have access to the next live run!)
  • Go To Gal Membership: There may be immediate access or a wait list, depending on what else is going on in Jaclyn’s business
  • Group Coaching Program Application
  • One-on-one Application

MemberVault is a tool for building a relationship with your customers not just about giving them your content.

People are much more likely to continue to work with you when you’ve not only helped them with your content (information) but also given them a hand to hold on the journey.

Here’s why Jaclyn would suggest MemberVault to her peers, students and other coaches:

  1. You can try out all the features for free
    1. container for freebies without the need for sophisticated landing pages
    2. house bonuses for offline offers (such as bonuses for their book)
    3. simple landing page and payment processor for One-on-One services
  2. It’s all about relationship marketing
    1. Learning how and what your subscribers are doing inside MemberVault helps you learn what might be of interest to them
    2. Personal outreach

I don’t often include the “bonus question” in the episode show notes, but I really love Jaclyn’s ideas and know that they are a great way to wrap up this post.

I asked Jaclyn what she’d like to see in MemberVault that she doesn’t see yet – she would like to see more opportunity for communication. Especially around the quiz answers. Inside MemberVault you can easily see a response to a question but there is no mechanism to respond or take that feedback further inside MemberVault .

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