046: Data powered rewards, perks and bonuses with Jereshia Hawk (MemberVault Series 4 of 5)

Jereshia is an income strategist, business coach, course creator and the host of the podcast Jereshia Said. She primarily works with underperforming coaches, consultants and freelancers find a simple way to sell higher ticket services online.

“0’s and 1’s run through my blood but ice cream is a better shampoo!” – Jaime Slutzky

Jereshia’s business has evolved. The services she now uses MemberVault for weren’t packaged in this manner when she started out. First she offered them as one-on-one, then transitioned it into a group program and eventually she turned it into a course.

A core value for Jereshia is personalized relationships – so while she looked at different course delivery tools, she continued to lack insight on where people were getting stuck, having success, hitting roadblocks. She was looking for a system where she could gamify the process for them as users.

Did you know, that only about 10% of course purchasers actually complete the course they buy? That was an insane statistic for Jereshia and she didn’t want that for her own course. She has a 60-70% course completion rate.

“How can we leverage technology to support us and maintain a high success rate for our students? Not just in the course completion but also in the results.” –Jereshia Hawk Click To Tweet

She heard about MemberVault during this struggle at an in-person mastermind event after explaining her desires – gamification and personal connection!

Jereshia was a quick adopter, she got all her content over to the platform in 2-3 days (hello action taker!)

In the past, education as a whole was show up, listen to a teacher or professor and then you leave. Now, with technology and access, people’s expectations are increasing. We have to do more as educators and course creators than just show up and deliver our piece.

Transparency is another of Jereshia’s core values. And this presents itself as making sure people understand what is required to get the results that they are looking to experience.

Jereshia is a very competitive person and she likes to know where she stacks up – which brings us perfectly to the gamification aspect of MemberVault. The EP board inside MemberVault clearly shows how many points you’ve earned based on how much effort you’ve put in by showing up, doing the content, completing the module! Her students haven’t just greatly appreciated not just seeing how much more is left to go but also how they are doing versus the other people in the program in a fun & motivational way.

Jereshia uses EP to unlock bonuses. There are four or five bonuses that are included in the program, but they are not accessible until you actually do the work.

“They know the bonuses exist, but they don’t know when they are going to get released. I think that suspense is kinda fun for them too…” – Jereshia Hawk

She’s also throwing in completely unexpected one-on-one calls over the duration of the program. These are awarded based on engagement in the Facebook group, work inside the program and helpfulness.

MemberVault makes it easy for her to reward people for putting in the effort and doing the work along the way. She’s in this education space not solely for the number of courses sold but truly for the results her students get in their businesses by implementing her strategies.

Everybody who is taking an online course is taking it in isolation. There isn’t a physical classroom to go to and meet your peers. So, by creating a Facebook group or using the EP board, there is built in motivation for making progress.

Remember back in elementary school when you use to get stars for completing tasks? It’s the same idea – an adult version of getting a gold star and being rewarded for it.

Sometimes we get so focused on what the end goal is, we forget to reward ourselves and recognize the progress we're making along the way." - Jereshia Hawk

MemberVault helps Jereshia, as the course creator, reward you along your journey through her program. In addition to the EP boards, bonus or complimentary courses or modules can be unlocked along the way.

Switching gears, I am curious how Jereshia is finding the integration between MemberVault and ActiveCampaign – she went all in on ActiveCampaign in that blitz switch she made as soon as she found MemberVault.

And now, because of the data that is available inside MemberVault, they are able to anticipate pain points and struggles and leverage the ActiveCampaign integrations to tackle that. It goes both ways, emails for completions as well as emails for when someone ghosts or becomes a slacker to re-engage.

What’s more, because of the care that is provided with these systems they have gotten a lot more word of mouth referrals to their program.  Nobody feels like a transaction – there are a ton of human touches along the way.

When referrals go up, conversions increase and outbound marketing costs are lowered, which allows more investment in content creation and human interaction.

“Our relationship doesn’t end after the transaction!” – Jereshia Hawk Click To Tweet

I think that MemberVault is a disruptor in the online learning space. One of the values of finding the right tool for your business is to go 100% all in. There are a lot of software options and companies that will take your money – when you go all in on a tool, then you’re pushing that money as far as possible to work for you.

This is not to say that everyone needs to clear their calendar and move everything over to a new tool like Jereshia did, but it does mean that we should exhaust all facets of the tools we are using before we look to bring in a different option.

Or in other words, when you find a perfect-down-to-the-core tool for you and your business, placing this on the base layer of your tech stack blueprint and shuffling things around so that it is fully optimized and integrated should be your primary objective.

At this point in the conversation, I feel it’s important to highlight Jereshia’s clientele and what they are seeking. She says they are making less than 6-figures, have less than 1000 people on their email list and have generally gone down the traditional online service provider journey… where they start by offering a low price offer and have a complicated funnel and progressively move their leads from one product to the next until they are finally able to offer the high ticket sweet-spot offer.

This type of journey is exactly what Jereshia did herself as she was looking to leave her full time job – in her first 10 or so months she earned about $6000 and was completely burned out. So she flipped the funnel – and began to lead with her high ticket $1500 – $2000 product and she focused on a minimum viable audience.

POP Method:

  • Pick one Person
  • Pick one Problem
  • Package one Process

Who is that one person I can solve a real problem for, earn a realistic sum of money and actually make a real difference in their life (instead of simply pacifying their issue.)

Her method involves live video and sales calls. No website, no complicated funnels, no ads.

There is a symbiotic relationship between how Jereshia supports her students and how MemberVault supports Jereshia’s efforts.

With MemberVault, you have freedom of choice with how you want to build relationships with your students.  You can do it in a course, with one-on-one services or through growing a list.

Jereshia is big on simplicity… not to be confused with easy. Things need to be simple to get the ball rolling so that you have cash flow in order to do other things.

MemberVault has a really strong core – Mike and Erin know what their secret sauce is – and then they have built in a ton of flexibility for their users to create the experience they want.

“If you’re the service provider or course creator who really cares more about serving than selling, then MemberVault is the platform for you.” – Jereshia Hawk

This is a core theme that you see among the users of the platform. They (including Jereshia, Jaclyn, Jenni and me!) really do have a heart for service. And so do Mike and Erin – they are in the MemberVault Collective regularly and take such an intentional approach to getting feedback from their users.

The feature that Jereshia loves most about MemberVault is exactly that – the way that Mike and Erin build the software is to create what their users need, not tell their users what they are going to get. Jereshia equates it to all the users having a seat at the table and helping to co-create the product.

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