048: Connecting knowing and doing takes TINY LEAPS with Gregg Clunis

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Gregg Clunis, the host of the Tiny Leaps, Big Dreams podcast and author of the book of the same name.

We’re talking about this episode and all the other episodes as well as answering your tech questions in the the Tech of Business Community on Facebook.

Gregg is gracious – it’s evident in his first words he uttered, it was that of thank yous to both me and the listeners… that really set the mood for the rest of the conversation.

Having a background in audio engineering lent well to starting his business helping others use podcasts as their content medium. This made it easy for him to focus on the marketing and develop some processes which he now teaches. And only after helping others, did Gregg launch his own podcast – which was about 3 years ago.

If you were to get on a call with Gregg, he’d probably give away a lot of insight, which is part of the reason we connect so well – I love sharing what I know in a way that you can take action on it as well. It’s like, he shares what he knows, people take what they need and they go far. In fact his agency is setup to take his clients after they cannot go further on their own, rather than being setup as a

Sometimes people just need a nudge in the right direction.

One thing he shares is that people are able to learn so much.  Here’s an example:

You are listening to this podcast because you are trying to utilize tech in your business and you may be overwhelmed.  The first thing you need to do is just start.  Do that first small step without hesitation such as maybe purchasing the software or filling out your profile. — Gregg Clunis

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Nothing is final.  You don’t have to go all in on something and never look away.  If it doesn’t work for you then pivot and find another way that works for you.

I believe that people can choose technology for numerous reasons such as:

  • Create a “silo” effect where you don’t need this particular tech to integrate with any other tech.
  • Tech that integrates with ABC but not with XYZ.
  • Full integration with all systems.

Gregg is in the camp where he’s truly a founder, not a scale-er. He tends to create the silo effect. Then once it is bringing in revenue, that money is used to bring on an expert, like me, to handle the integration and buildout.

For Gregg, the variable as to when to bring on the expert usually comes down to time.

Gregg has a great membership-site type course called The Lab. Once a month, as a community, they vote on what we would like to learn about.  After doing a members only masterclass, he goes on to create a 2 week group challenge that everyone participates in.  The goal is to bridge the gap between learning something and acting on it. Create the habit of knowing and now doing.

Gregg went with Thinkific to host his course because he liked the way the courses get structured in the back end.  It made more sense for the once a month chapter approach.

“Knowing why you are putting something out there is the entire reason why you should put something out there.”

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Connect with Gregg

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  • @greggclunis on Instagram
  • His book Tiny Leaps, Big Change
  • You can get a free chapter of the book by going to www.tinyleapsbook.com

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