064: Content Repurposing (and tech to ease the process) with Steph Roberts

I am really excited to bring this content to the Tech of Business audience because I know that every single person listening or reading right now has created a piece of content at some point in time and it’s just sitting there not doing as much as it could. Today we are talking to Stephani Roberts. She is a Digital Content/Visibility Strategist and podcast host. So often, we create content and then we let it sit for whatever reason and then the content that we created has been sitting there not doing enough for you. I love the idea of having a strategy behind using that content.

The best starting point…

Look at your own tech and content that you have shared and dig for the gold. Look for the things that you shared that got the best reaction and use that again. You know that this type of content clicked with people. So, for instance, when you have a FB Live Video or a podcast, starting with a transcript is a really good thing to do. The reason for this is because a transcript can help you spin content out of that audio and repurpose it.

The tool that Stephani likes for transcripts is called Sonix. They do transcripts, but their tool allows you to select the text that you want visually and save it out as audio. Which is cool because you can do this without even opening your editing tool. So basically you upload your audio and then transcribe it and it’s tying the transcription to the timestamps in the audio and you can just highlight the words on the screen and then save that as an audio clip. This tool is great for if you want to offer up a click of an upcoming show or an end of season “highlights” reel. The quality is a bit more compressed but for promo purposes it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Video content repurposing…

It depends on who your audience is and what you are trying to achieve. For instance, if you are doing an interview, you can take the highlights and you can trim that down and save it at a promo video. You can take the audio and transcribe it out and then use Sonix to make audio clips. Steph mentioned the Headliner App. You can make a headliner which is an audio visualizers with the graphic behind it and are super popular on Instagram. You can even use them on FB, Linkedin, and Twitter.

“Audio is great with visuals because you can use text as well to underscore what you are saying.”- Stephani Roberts Click To Tweet

So if you are a coach or expert, you have a phrase that totally underscores what your strategy is that you want to be known for you can pull whatever statement you want out of the transcript and make it into a visualizer. This is a way to promote yourself!

If you are a course creator pull something out of your course and use it as a promo. You can use highlights to promote yourself. If you aren’t using video or audio…try it out! I know when it comes to video sometimes people don’t like seeing themselves on camera first. You can even use the voice recorder on your phone and get audio that way when you are feeling inspired. And that you can email it to yourself to use. Using visualizers is a different way of sharing and getting attention from people when they are scrolling. Video is loved on every single platform.

Other kinds of content you might have…

Another one is your emails. Sometimes your best stuff is going to your email list. You are being your most authentic when you are talking to your list. You can repurpose your email material into articles or blogs. You can pull quotes and make graphics. You can take that text and make it into a promo video with text across the screen. You can make it into a beautifully designed quote graphic. There are so many things that we can do that we haven’t even thought of. You can even make a click to tweet.

Most of us walk around with the volume on our phones turned off. So when we do look at video on our phones, if there isn’t some kind of subtitle we have no idea what the video is actually saying. So when Steph was talking about making a video with just text, that’s a really effective strategy to get into someone’s feed where they don’t actually have to turn on the volume.

Tools that help you repurpose content…

Stephani uses repurpose.io to repurpose FB Lives or videos/audios. Repurpose.io then looks for content that goes out and you can tell them to push it over to your youtube channel. This tool will take an audio and send it over to your YouTube with a still image. This tool is pretty powerful. The downside is that if you have a good strategy for YouTube you may have to fight with it to put your own keywords and such in.


***update: I tested out Repurpose.io with last week’s episode: https://youtu.be/QPVKjHw-e5E

I also was able to edit the description to bring in some keywords so we need to address the fact that you can go in and edit the description and tags from within YouTube <– this is the thing that I said I’d test out on the episode

Getting out there and being seen AKA Visibility strategies…

Most of us just stick to one or two channels and they don’t spread their wings and explore the other social channels. There could be people there that could use their services. Stephani tries to take people OUT of the FB and Instagram only world and tries to get them to figure who they are and who their ideal clients are and where they are hanging out. So really just thinking through all the places they could be and then have them appear on those “other” platforms so it helps them with their SEO and also aligns them with their brand. You appear to own the niche that you are claiming to be an expert.

Quote card more than just a quote…

Stephani likes static images for example like a quote card. The are powerful for branding. They get a sense of who you are. That alone is pretty weak. So Steph thinks you definitely need to add hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. You also need to write a little micro post about that quote. Pinterest is another place where people LOVE quotes.

I feel this logic gives us permission to quote ourselves and share it. It allows us to share our OWN insight from conversations we are having about certain subjects. Steph says don’t feel bad about shining the light on myself. It’s a win all around when we post things like this.

“Technology is always in a supportive role to your content, your brand and your customers. It will always be supporting your best effort.”-Jaime Slutzky Click To Tweet

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