090: Facing a Fear…and No, It’s Not TECH

This is Episode 90. I cannot believe we’re going to hit 100 episodes by the end of this year.  I want to say “Thank you” for your continued support, your messages, and your enthusiasm, especially on the series that we just wrapped up last week all about Thinkific.

If you haven’t gone and listened to that series, I encourage you to do so. Not because I think that everybody needs to be using Thinkific or needs to have an online membership or online courses. But because the feedback that I have received on that series has just warmed my heart.  What I have been hearing is that the passion that each of my guests brought to their interview has helped the listeners and you, my audience, the Tech of Business audience, understand the potential that this online community and online business truly can have and is having in your business.

So today’s episode is one of those that I’m just talking straight to the mic.

I actually have no notes. And I’m going to name this episode afterwards. So you actually know the name of the episode before I do because I haven’t written it yet. I’m recording this episode on Friday, just a few days before it drops on the 16th. So I’m recording it on the 11th and it is coming out on the 16th.

On Wednesday of this week, it was the Jewish holiday called Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement. But beyond just atoning for our sins, I truly use it as a day of reflection.  Yom Kippur really is the end of the time of reflection in the Jewish calendar. And I find that most of my reflection truly happens on Yom Kippur.

And I thought a lot about where I was taking this podcast.  And where I see so much value in bringing tech to the masses and making it so that this is accessible and relevant to you. In that reflection, I realized that without truly having conversations with you, the listeners of the tech of business podcast, it is very, very difficult for me to just create content for the sake of creating content.  It’s not resonating as much as I would like it to. And I have to make a change. I have been doing a lot of work on pivoting and niching down and really finding who the audience of the tech of businesses is.

And I’m super, super excited to say that I know exactly who I’m speaking to right now.

I’ve known for some time that technology is difficult for people in a lot of different environments. And that what I can provide to entrepreneurs is a safety net, and a rope and a ladder at all of those things at the same time. But that wasn’t enough.

The tech that I put together really helps you as the business owner make money online. I know that sounds so crazy. And what we do together, what I do with my clients, is put together the building blocks that are required to deliver what it is that you are meant to deliver.  The audience of the Tech of Business podcast and the people that I am speaking to, right now, are people who are different.

This is not your first foray. You did not start your business as an online business. And you started your business out of a passion out of something that you are truly gifted at. Then you brought that to market.  And you have had success with it. Congratulations, because not everybody can take their passion and translate that into a successful business. But you have succeeded in doing that.

You didn’t start your business online. You started your business on the ground. And that’s the first point of differentiation that I have made when I went to say who the Tech of Business is truly for. So this is for people who have had offline success and are looking at online as the next frontier.  It’s going to be their next place of doing business.

But I found out that that wasn’t good enough.

I needed to hone in on what your unique gifts are and how I can use technology to support those gifts and help you to broadcast them louder and more clearly.  Tech of business is such a general statement. It could be talking about hardware. Or it could be talking about marketing tools. It could be talking about all sorts of things that frankly, I don’t care a whole lot about.

But what I do care about is making it so that your voice can be amplified.

And the way that we amplify your voice is by delivering your lead magnets on time, having the appropriate trip wires, making the right offer at the right time, and delivering on your promises. I think that more often than not, if we can do those three things right, we are creating an audience for life.  We can have the right opt in. And we can have the right tripwire/ We can have the right product. If we can deliver on all of those, then you can have an audience for life.

Now, here’s the thing.

I have been scared to death to niche down. And I have been scared for years probably even though back in 2011. I started focusing on fitness professionals. That was out of alignment.  But that’s for another episode. I tried to niche down before and that didn’t work because I had a disconnect with the niche. Not anymore.

Now I understand that you are here listening to the Tech of Business podcast, because you want technology to help you broadcast your message reach more people. You want to take your passion and your genius to a larger audience. I know that I can help you get there. I know that, in my heart of hearts, you wouldn’t be listening right now if you didn’t have a message to share.

So I want to hear from you.

I truly, truly do. I would love to do a call with you.  It is a no obligation call. All you have to do is go to callwithjamie.com and book a call with me. I am actually going to open that up. Normally, I just do those calls on Thursdays. But I am also going to have those calls available on the 22nd 23rd 24th and 25th of this month. So that entire week, other than the Monday because I am volunteering at a field trip.

But if you go to callwithjamie.com, you will see availability for booking a call with me. And on that call, I’m going to ask you three questions. So if you would prefer, you can go ahead and just send me an email to jamie@techofbusiness.com with the answers to these three questions.

  • What is your passion and how have you put that passion into your business?
  • If nothing we’re standing in your way, what would you do in your business next?
  • What is standing in your way?

Again, I am just so curious.

I want to make sure that I am providing the best value to you. So if you can answer those three questions via email, that’d be cool. If you would rather get on a call with me go to callwithjamie.com and book your 10 minute call to answer those three questions. I cannot wait to hear them.

As I said earlier, I’ve done a lot of reflection this month, and we’re only halfway through. I know that the rest of 2019 is going to be honing in on helping you do more with the technology that you have. It’s going to include helping you to do more with the technology you’re curious about. And absolutely, truly do more to broadcast your brilliance.

So thank you so much for listening today.

I truly appreciate you coming on this journey with me.  Next week, we’re going to have another conversation that I have recently had that I think you’re going to just love. And I’m going to kind of go back and forth between conversations and solo episodes. If there is a tech tool that you would like me to discuss on the podcast that you’re just wondering about, please let me know again, I’m always on Instagram. I’m @techofbusiness.

And thank you for sharing the podcast and for all the feedback you’ve given.  Thanks for listening to the tech of business podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe, share, rate, and review on Apple podcasts Stitcher Radio, Overcast, or wherever you download your favorite shows. You can also learn more about me at techofbusiness.com. I’ll see you next week.


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