093: It’s Okay to Launch Messy

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Tech of Business Podcast. This is Episode 93. Today, it’s just me, you, and the mic.  I would love, love, love to get your feedback on this episode. So if there’s anything that I say that sparks any interest, please hit me up on Instagram.  I’m @techofbusiness or join our Facebook group Expand Online: Strategy, Support, and Tech.

So with that, let’s just get right into what I was hoping to bring up today.

We are in November. November is a time for both chaos and planning. There are a lot of people right now who are doing big things for Black Friday and the Thanksgiving weekend.  They may be launching something big. Or they may be just putting feelers out there and launching something new even if it isn’t big. There are other people who are simply letting this be a season of growth, exploration, and development.  And they are planning on launching their next big initiative in the new year. So whether you are in the first camp or the second camp, I want to make sure that you know tech’s role in your launch.

Last week we talked about funnels with Jenn Robbins and that was such a fun episode.

I am so glad that that episode came right before this episode today, because we talked about what you really need in a funnel. Now we’re talking about what you really need in a launch and what you don’t need.  I’m going to say this because it’s true. You can launch messy. And you can launch incomplete. You can launch with tech issues. And you can launch knowing that you still have work to do.

So just because everything isn’t perfect yet, doesn’t mean you have to push back that date. It just means that you have to know what you know and know where you need to double down on your efforts in order to fulfill your obligation and commitment to your audience, clients, students, and whomever they may be.

What you do need with a launch is to make sure that your systems are sound.

The last thing I want to see and the last thing you want to experience is a tech break. Something not working right. So let’s say that someone buying something on ThriveCart. And you set it up so that they get their access.  You use Zapier and you go to your Active Campaign, and all of the setup works. But the refund doesn’t work. And all of a sudden, you’ve got like 40 people asking for refunds. And they can’t get their money back. Or if they do get their money back, you haven’t revoked their access. Those are the kinds of things that we want to prevent.

Of course, we want to prevent refunds to begin with, so that might not be the best example. But the idea is that when you launch, knowing what you’re trying to accomplish is going to help you way, way more than stressing over every detail.  It’s okay if all the pieces aren’t necessarily in place yet. It’s important to know the road map, the trajectory, what tech tools are being touched at each step, and the process.

So I think the best way to approach this is to relate it to a situation.  Let’s talk about that Black Friday launch, Cyber Monday launch, or even your January 1st launch.

So let’s say that you have a date that you know you want to launch. What do you need to have ready to go prior to that launch?  You need to have the sales page or the information page. And you need to have that page hooked up to your email opt in or to your payment processor. So we need to have that page functioning.  It needs to do its job. And it can’t break! Someone can’t put their information in and then not be moved forward through the system and through the processes.

So generally speaking, it means that you’re going to be able to take their payments, add them to your email list, give them access to whatever they purchase, and present them with a next steps page or a thank you page. And generally speaking, a “Thank You” page is also a next step page. So it’s kind of one in the same from there.

It’s a matter of making sure that they flow through all the bits and pieces. So in general, what that means is, if you’re Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or January 1 launch, it starts an email sequence for them.  They’re going to get one email a day for seven days. Then they’re going to get one email a month for the next eight months. And then what you need to have in place in order to make sure that you are fully present for them. Probably those first seven emails.

But do you need to have the email that goes out month two? No, not necessarily you need to have a date on your calendar to say I am going to load in emails for months two, three and four on this date. That way, you don’t have to have everything done in that email automation. But you do know when you are going to get it done. So it’s all about planning, it really truly is.

Oftentimes, you’re going to launch your courses, and they’re not going to necessarily be complete yet.

And in this case, it’s like your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or January 1 is going to give them access to modules one and two.  Then they are going to get access to Module three, four, and five each week thereafter. So you’re going to get two modules on day one.  Week two, you’re going to get Module three. And week three, you’re going to get Module four, and so on and so forth.

And in that case, it’s similar to the email sequences.  What needs to be done to reduce your stress as the course creator, the entrepreneur,  the professional, or the expert? And what do you need to have created prior to the launch?  You need to have Module one and Module two and probably be in post production of Module three. And when I say post production, that means you’ve recorded your videos and you’ve created your PDFs. They’re not necessarily uploaded into Thinkific or MemberVault yet.  But you know that’s coming.

You don’t necessarily have to have everything recorded, branded and finalized when you launch.

It’s true that the more you can have done in advance, the easier it is for you to stay present. But it’s also true that the more you are present, the better you can create the courses. So if you get feedback from people for Module one, Module two, and you’re working on Module five, then Module five is going to be better than it would have been had you created it before you started getting feedback. So just think about that a little bit, you don’t have to launch complete.

Another thing is that it’s okay to have mistakes in your content.

Let me say that again! When you launch a product or a service, or something that people are digesting, it is OKAY for there to be a broken link, for your audio to not quite hit the right pitch or tone, or for there to be a missing PDF.  Now, with that being said, doing that on purpose isn’t good, but it is okay.

One of the reasons why I like this so much is because it actually invites conversation. If someone is looking for a PDF that you referred to in a video, but they can’t find it in your content. What are they going to do? Are they going to say, “Oh, well, whatever Jamie just doesn’t know what she’s doing.”?. The short answer is no. They’re going to reach out to me and say, “Hey, Jamie. I’m looking for this PDF, and I can’t find it.”

At which point, I can over deliver.

I can say, “Hey, you know what? I forgot to upload it. Here you go. And by the way, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. Can I jump on a call with you for 15 minutes and do ABC or walk you through the PDF myself?”  It gives me the change to over deliver and make it so that they get an added benefit.  But it’s okay to have mistakes in your product.

The last thing I want to mention with this whole launch strategy is that if you want to launch on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or January 1st, and you are burning the midnight oil, nobody is going to know if you actually wanted to launch on that date.

So if you want to launch and be part of the buzz, but you know that it’s going to break your back to do so, push out your launch. Take advantage of the fact that you’re launching in off-season. If you were thinking about launching on Thanksgiving weekend and you’re like, “I can’t get there. But I can launch before Christmas still, I can launch on December 10, or 11th.”

Take advantage of the fact that you’re launching on December 10 or 11th. You can say, “With all the buzz about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I didn’t want to get caught in the noise.” And take advantage of the fact that you weren’t able to accomplish what you wanted to accomplish without feeling guilty about not hitting those goals.  Because your audience, clients, and students want what you have to offer. And if you haven’t told them that you’re offering it, it’s no big deal to make that happen.

Now if you have told them that you have an amazing Black Friday special or a Cyber Monday special or that you’re doing something really cool for the new year, then by all means, launch, extra messy.  Launch and say that the start date of whatever it is, is two weeks out and then give a bonus for people who buy right away. Give them a kickoff webinar where they get a special kickoff Q and A session or a bonus Q and A session that they can access when the content is available.

My entire reason for coming on the podcast talking about launching messy today is because so many people want to launch and want to have a really good buzz at this time of year.

And I want that for you. But your business is not hindering on one day.  It is hindering on your integrity, on your confidence, on your expertise, and by making sure that you continue to keep those values at the forefront. Your launch is going to be successful for your business no matter when you do it.

I absolutely positively love to make sure that the tech that goes into launches is seamless so that you do not have to worry about your cart being connected to your email being connected to the access. This is something that I do all the time. It is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

And you know what, it’s so funny when I started talking about launching messy, I wasn’t planning on putting any kind of offer into this podcast episode.

But I have a really cool half day and full day process that I go through to set ThriveCart up for my clients. And what that means is that after you sign up for ThriveCart, all you need to do is go to techofbusiness.com/thrivecartsetup. Then after that, I will go in and get your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or January 1st launch tech in place so that when someone clicks “Buy now”, it takes them to their ThriveCart.

The cart looks beautiful. And the cart works. This cart is integrated with your content delivery system. It is integrated with your email marketing system. It is fully integrated with the tools that you are already using. So I firmly believe ThriveCart is the way to go for this. And I know that it is one of those pieces of the puzzle that will make it easier for you to feel confident about launching messy!

Seriously and truly, I want to see your business succeed. I want to see you reach more people with your unique skills, your unique gifts, and for you to have the impact that you want by expanding online. So launch messy, use Thrivecart, and have me set it up for you.  We can totally do that by you going to techofbusiness.com/thrivecartsetup.

With that, I’m going to wrap this up.

I hope that this has inspired you to think about what you might want to launch and know that you can do it. Have a fantastic rest of your day, and I will be back with another episode next week.  Thanks for listening to the tech of business podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe, share, rate, and review on Apple podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Overcast, or wherever you download your favorite shows. You can also check out the show notes and learn more about me at techofbusiness.com.

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