096: Expand Online – FOR Artists

Last week on Instagram, I started using #expandonline as a hashtag in my posts… This episode goes along with the start of that hashtag and who this podcast is truly for…

Let’s start with expand online.

That’s what I help my clients do.

I help you expand your business online. Note that I didn’t say “start their business the right way with the right tech and the right processes and systems” and all of that…. nope it’s EXPAND Online.

This means I work with men and women who already have a business that is thriving and that they love.  And it’s time to expand and do something new… We all started our businesses for a reason and no part of the plan is to stagnate.

Expanding an active, real in person business online is a great way to keep from stagnation.

The episode title indicated this, and I’m calling it out — the niche and the #expandonline initiative is for artists because this is an audience that I feel truly has gifts for the world that need to expand beyond their local communities. This is artistic professionals who teach their craft.

  • I have worked with musicians.
  • And I have worked with artists.
  • I have worked with photographers.
  • And I have worked with many other artistic professionals who want to do something online.
  • And these are my people. 

These are the people who I get out of bed every morning and say, “How can I serve them?”

I chose to double down on this and say that that’s what I’m here for. That’s who I’m here to help. And that’s who I’m here to take the tech burdens and the tech obstacles out of their space.

Artistic professionals are creative. So sitting in front of a computer for hours on end trying to figure out how to make a shopping cart or an email marketing system or a website work is a waste of their time.

That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to help you #expandonline and take away all of your tech headaches.

It is so exciting to finally be here.

And I have a brand new gift for you — I’m breaking down the five phases of an online product in an easy to use downloadable file.

This is an overview of what steps — what phases — that product needs to go through before it’s in the hands of your next customer.

What if you want to refer to your customers as clients or students or members?

Totally just using “customers” as a placeholder — the term you’re going to use depends on the type of product that you are creating.

For example, if you’re a composer and you’ve created some sheet music, your online product may be a one time downloadable purchase. Let’s set up a Shopify store or a shop on another platform.

Or, maybe you are a choreographer and you want to teach people how to properly stretch.  An online course would be the perfect container for this content and your customers will be your students.

Or, maybe you want to get together with all the other musicians in your town and put together a membership program where you get all sorts of different instruments or different styles and a multidisciplinary learning environment. We would then create a membership where people from all around the world could access the resources that are rich in your community. There are so many ways to go.

The underlying theme is that we are going to expand your business online!

There are a variety of reasons why an artist may choose to get into teaching or instruction. And there are also many reasons why you may choose to expand online and let’s give you three of those right now.

  1. Your studio is maxed out.  You cannot take on any more students, because there’s only so many hours in the day. There’s only so many hours that the students are actually available to invest time in their art. So expanding your business allows you to serve many students in the online space through courses or virtual lessons.
  2. You’ve maxed out your local community. You’ve got to a point where everybody in your town has taken them.  And maybe they know somebody three towns over who wants to take your class, but can’t drive in and physically be at your studio. So by expanding online, you’re really opening up the opportunity to have more students, more people that you work with in that variety.
  3. Reduce number of hours worked. Leveraging the online space allows you to stop working so many hours. When you expand online, you open the doors to some level of passive income. Passive income is elusive, and is not truly passive. We will get into that a whole lot more.

By bringing your business online or an element of your business (a passion of yours or a subset of your business) online and expanding in that way, you make it so that you can touch more people’s artistic hearts than you would be able to if you’re simply trading time for money.

I am so so excited about expanding online and bringing the online space to the artistic community and making it so that your art style gains a larger audience.

Now here’s the dirty truth: I don’t even know who I’m going to be attracting with this message!

  • I don’t know who you are yet!
  • I want to know what you teach and what your passions are.
  • I want to know why you create art.
  • How can I help you expand online? 

Click here to get an email where you can download the five phases of an online product workbook.  When you do, you’ll get an email from me with the link to download… and go beyond downloading and reply to that email!

Let me know how I can support you through the podcast through emails through the Facebook group, which also is called Expand Online.

And if you haven’t yet — join the Expand Online : Strategy, Support and TECH community which you can access at techofbusiness.com/community. I’ll be able to let you right on in.

You can ask your questions and meet other professionals. I am just so inspired by your gift to the world. It is my wish that together we get that to your next phase of clients. Get that to your online audience.

And a final note…

I have seen so many amazing art instructors, art teachers, choreographers, musicians, and culinary artists. And I have seen so much beautiful art on Instagram. I’ve seen so many instructional videos on YouTube. Those are pathways to profit. Those are not the profit generation sources themselves. So if you have a strong YouTube presence or have a strong Instagram presence, that is a fabulous foundation to help you successfully expand online.

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