113: Release your fears, you belong online!

Today we’re talking about something that I know is top of mind for artists who suddenly found that according to the government your business is not an essential business and you cannot keep operating in the way that you have previously.

We’re talking about releasing fears of the unknown and the fear of how am I going to “make it.” These are real and you’re completely normal to have these fears… but part of the reason you’re listening to this podcast right now is to find your path forward and explore what it looks like to transition your business into a virtual one.

The good news is that at some point in the future, you’ll be able to go back to your studio and resume the methods that have got you to the success you already have. And the even better news is that by releasing your fears and adding an online branch to your business, you’ll be expanding your reach and creating something that can live long into the future.

Some of the fears that come up most often from my perspective are:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of overwhelm
  • Fear of technology
  • Fear of marketing
  • Fear of saying the wrong thing
  • Fear of not living up to promises
  • Fear of inadequacy

Those are some big fears… and most of them are never going to halt you in your tracks, you’re listening to this podcast right now and you are arming yourself with the tools to see the fears for what they are — your ego protecting your soul.

Back in episode 100 we talked about mindset, mantras and affirmations. As we release our fears we will likely create new mantras and affirmations!

Starting at the top of the list I just rattled off, fear of failure. Or, in the case of expanding your business online, this is essentially the fear of not having anyone buy your online program and the fear of wasting your time and energy on a project that goes nowhere.

Let’s flip that — you already have success. You already have people who have learned from you, worked with you and moved their own art forward by following your lead. They are not going to let you fail. Use them for support – lean on them and make sure that you address their biggest desire with your online program. And when you create what they are looking for, how can you fail them? It’s not going to be a waste of time or energy.

Another way to release the fear of failure is to create success milestones. You are successful when you decide on the idea for your online program. You are successful when you figure how you’re going to deliver this program. You are successful when you sign up for the required tech tools to make it happen. You are successful when you pull your program outline together. You are successful when you create the program content. You are successful long before you open the virtual doors on the program.

Fear is just your ego trying to protect your soul.

Now, let’s talk about fear of success. This is a big one… and it is all about the ‘what ifs’ — what if I can’t have a one-to-one connection with each of my students, what if I make more money than I envisioned and lose sight of my mission, what if someone wants to interview me about my story, what if I get offered too many opportunities that I can’t keep up?

The short answer to this fear is that we always have the ability to say no. Seriously, you can grow at the rate you want to. If you want to have a one-to-one relationship with each student, then maybe you’ll need to cap your enrollment at 15 or 20 students at a time. Or you can build out a team of mentors so that someone on your team is having a one-to-one relationship with every student. This makes your offer scalable. If you start to lose sight of your mission, then give yourself permission to step back, go on a retreat, work with a coach, join a mastermind and help yourself find your way back to your mission. You could set up a scholarship fund to use some of your profits and pour them back into your mission. And as far as all those opportunities that might come up, use your mission and your values to determine if they are going to be a good fit. You can always say no.

Fear is just your ego trying to protect your soul.

Our next couple of fears are fear of overwhelm and fear of technology. I think these go hand in hand with each other. There are thousands of different ways to create an online program and it’s easy to get sucked into having to go fourteen layers deep or find yourself in paralysis sifting through all the different tools and permutations.

Release the fear of overwhelm by knowing that you can get help at every step of the way. Whether you have someone who already works with you to take on some of the arduous tasks or you hire a freelancer or you work with me in my 1-on-1 signature Expand Online Mentorship program. You have at your disposal an arsenal of ways to reduce your overwhelm.

And while we’re at it, let’s release the fear of technology. In episode 111, I shared with you 7 tools that you need. That’s it, only 7. And these are all tools that have extensive training and strong support attached to them. Just like with overwhelm, if you don’t want to figure it all out for yourself, you can easily work with someone who can set up the tech for you and help you feel confident using it for your online program.

Release the fears of overwhelm and technology —

these are nothing more than your ego trying to protect your soul.

It’s time now to release the fear of marketing and release the fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear of marketing is often fear of feeling like a used car salesman. You are going to release this fear easily because you are going to be marketing something that comes from deep within yourself and relies heavily on your experiences and past successes. It’s easy to talk about things that you’re passionate about and it’s easy to help people see how you are going to help them improve their art form when you talk from that space. Marketing is just sharing your message with people who need to hear it.

My philosophy is that when you expand your business online, your first marketing message is crafted for people you’ve already worked with or have a relationship with in person. It’s not like you’re going out to the whole world with your message and hope that the right people hear it. You’re going out to people who already believe in you and you’re giving them the opportunity to keep growing by working with you in a new way.

And, as for that fear of saying the wrong thing, most often I see this come up when my clients stare at a blank page on their computer and try to craft their sales page or content scripts. The best way to release this fear is to work from existing content. Take what you already have and massage it until it creates the message you want to create. You’re not going to write the wrong thing or craft the wrong message when you keep your people front of mind. I also believe that you can release the fear of saying the wrong thing by hiring a content writer or editor to work with you on your written word. Back in episode 92, I introduced you to Jenn Robbins. She’s a copywriter and she is amazing at helping craft the right message with words you feel good about.

Release the fear of saying the wrong thing by keeping yourself squarely in the head of the person who is receiving the message. Say what they need to hear and you’ll be well on your way.

Release the fears of marketing and messaging, remember it’s just your ego trying to protect your soul.

Our final fears that we’re going to work to release today are fear of not living up to your promises and fear of inadequacy. The best way I know how to release the fear of not living up to your promises is to map out your promises so that you can hit each one with 100% effort. So if you are creating a program that guarantees a 48 hour turnaround on something, then make sure that you set aside the right amount of time to meet the promise. If you don’t know how long something is going to take, then do it sooner and start tracking how long it actually takes. Then you can improve your systems and processes.

Another important aspect is to only promise what you know you can deliver. What I mean is that you shouldn’t promise that someone will be able to paint a piece of art and sell it for $1000 when they finish your course. You cannot guarantee that price point. You cannot guarantee that kind of result. So instead promise that they will complete a certain number of pieces of art. And let them know that past clients have had their work sell for $1000 or have had shows in certain prestigious locations. The promise is on the transformation not on results of the transformation.

If you are promising to show up live during your program, show up as you want to be seen. Make sure that you continue to be the professional that you are and avoid having interruptions from your side. And most importantly, if you cannot show up live anymore because of factors within your own environment, offer a substitute of greater or equal value. It’s okay to change your promises out for something that is worth more to the recipient. You’re human and your promises should reflect that.

The fear of inadequacy is similar to the fear of not living up to your promises. Another way to describe the fear of inadequacy is that of not being good enough. And it comes across like “I’ve only been honing this craft for 3 years, am I good enough to teach it?” or “What if people have questions I can’t answer?” or even “I’ve developed my own method and am excited to teach it but I don’t know what experience my students are going to come to me with, what if I can’t actually help them?”

Like I said earlier, you are a step above someone who hasn’t done anything in person before. You already know that you can teach and you have already answered hard questions and you already know enough about your students to assure yourself that you can help them move their art forward. Release the fear of inadequacy. You are amazing and powerful and inspirational and have your own unique way in the world, which is what people want to see and hear from you.

Remember, fear is your ego trying to protect your soul.

Release your fears by stringing together truths. Lean into mantras and affirmations to keep you going.

Fears are going to come up throughout this and every other journey you’re going to go on in your life. When you craft your own outcome you remain in the driver’s seat and can do amazing things.

I want you to succeed online. Click here to download the Expand Online Getting Started Guide. In it, you’ll learn how to put the right pieces in place to expand what you’ve been doing offline for years into this new and exciting online space.

As always, reach out to me on Instagram, I’m @jaimeslutzky if you have any questions. And if you know someone who could benefit from releasing their fears, send them this episode so they can have a listen.

Next week, I’ll be back with a very tangible episode all about your online look and feel.

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