123: No more starving artist with guest Whitney Uland

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This week Whitney Uland has joined me on the podcast to share how becoming a life coach has improved her acting and performance career.

Whitney is a life coach for actors, artists and creatives. Through her work, Whitney’s clients stop feeling stuck emotionally and in their careers and learn how to create more abundance, more happiness, and more results in their lives.

Highlights of the conversation include:

  • getting out of the mindset of being a struggling artist
  • how the narrative of “all or nothing” can be damaging to artists
  • utilizing your other talents, skills and interests will make you a better artist
  • you can be more free with your art when you’re not relying on the final product to be your everything
  • identifying the underlying motivation for your art and expression
  • working in and out of our zone of genius
  • how being an artist positions you as an entrepreneur

Be sure to stay through the end of the episode, Whitney’s advice to listeners is pure GOLD

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