153: Four benefits to scaling with online Group Programs

Happy New Year! This is the first episode of 2021 and I am delighted that you’re listening. In case we haven’t met, I’m Jaime Slutzky, a lifelong techie on a mission to make more art and music education programs available online with independent and private studio owners at the helm.

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This episode today is all about the immediate benefits you will realize when you make the leap from one-to-one into the realm of one-to-many program offers.

There are so many different types of programs you can setup and offer online, we’ve talked about them on prior episodes of the podcast, so scroll back in the podcast feed and have a listen. You have absolute permission (not that I need to be the one to give it) to choose your own path – the key thing though is to choose an adventure. Don’t sit and wait for someday. Because someday doesn’t ever come.

Your business is going to have immediate benefits when you switch from one-to-one exclusively and move into group programming.

In a nutshell these benefits are:

  • Developing a more well-rounded product that is suitable to many different learning styles and learners at the same time
  • Mindset shift from educator to entrepreneur
  • Become a better steward of our students’ journeys
  • Regain time for your own art, creativity and learning (not to mention leisure activities and family)

With one-to-one programming, everything you create is specifically tailored to that specific student. When your roster is full and you are “at capacity” the only way to expand further is with group programming. But it’s more than that, when you are “at capacity” you have in your tool box so many methods, strategies, descriptors and pathways to help your students achieve the objective of every given lesson and it’s a great time to meld those methods together to create a more complete product from which to teach.

Our first benefit is that we have a better and more optimal curriculum or syllabus for our students, even if the material isn’t created specifically for them.

Now, our second benefit is all about mindset. We talked about this last week on the podcast, so be sure to go back and listen if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet. Here we are shifting our mind from impacting students when they are directly in front of the screen with us to providing opportunity for growth at a studio level. It’s super exciting and the immediate benefit is that you can start to think bigger and beyond the tangible needs of your students!

When our students are no longer siloed by individual lessons a new dynamic and community is formed. The studio takes on a personality and everyone can grow from it. It’s the saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – probably butchering that a bit, but you get the idea!

When we take a step back and see the whole, we are able to build additional opportunities for our students! Being an educator is never just about the lessons, it’s about the impact we create and the progress our students take. Now imagine how much greater an impact you’ll have when you are able to see your students collaborate and communicate with one another.

While I know that bringing on a new group program involves putting time in to create the material, once the program is underway there will be more whitespace in your schedule. And you can fill this time with leisure activities, creative endeavors, your own learning and so much more. You will have more time to pour into the whole rather than the individual.

Say YES to the opportunity that is in front of you – anyone can shift from one-to-one to group programming. The power of the one-to-many programs will strengthen your purpose. It’s time for you to realize one or more of the benefits I shared today.

Now, to kick off this year, I am going to challenge you to decide which of the four benefits and decide which one is the driving force for you. Then come into the Expand Online Community and share which one is driving you and why!

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