161: Expanding beyond teaching with Andrea Miller

I sat down and chatted with the super smart piano teacher and business coach, Andrea Miller, to discuss how educators can expand online in ways other than teaching one-on-one or group programs.

While much of what is discussed on the podcast is about creating online programs, it’s so important to look inward and see what excites you with your work and do more of that — if you love creating curriculum, then do more of that (and sell it!)

There are no rules to how to expand online and there is no timeline, but Andrea and I strongly recommend doing something that is your zone of genius and make a decision on WHEN it’s going to happen.

If you have questions for Andrea, you can reach her at https://www.musicstudiostartup.com/, on Facebook or on Instagram.

Let’s get on a call, go to http://callwithjaime.com or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook!

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