163: Promoting your programs with free content

This episode is inspired by my upcoming workshop: 

Fast-track Your Pivot – Learn three business-changing secrets to create online group programs and scale your influence and profits.

I use free workshops, masterclasses and summits to provide opportunities to learn in real time, with your peers. These free offers are my way to help you determine if I’m the right partner to take you from idea through launch and beyond.

And the same principles I use are used by hundreds of online service providers — and they can be used by you as well.

Go to https://expandonlinenow.com to sign up for the Workshop. If you’re reading this after March 26th, 2021, go there anyway, because I’m going to make sure that it always has a registration to something (or a link to something else I’m offering.)

With online group programs in the arts education space, your free workshops will be helping your prospective students see that you’re the right teacher for them and that they are ready for the program that you’ve got available.

Think about the things you wish you knew about the students who walk into a group program on the first day — in person — what do you wish you knew about them and that they knew about themselves? That’s exactly what your free workshop, webinar, masterclass or challenge should cover.

And it leads really nicely into one on one calls — speaking of which, go to http://callwithjaime.com to book a call with me 🙂

Have a great week and if there is anything you want me to cover on the podcast, I’m all ears, send me a DM on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jaimeslutzky/

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