169: Business Growth as a Summit Attendee

The 2nd Annual Expand Online Summit kicks off on Monday May 3rd, 2021. Register at https://expandonlinesummit.com

Attending a summit is supposed to benefit your business, so let’s make sure that you get the most out of any and all summits that you attend.

Start by showing up with a game plan, know what sessions you want to take in, when they are available and when they expire. Know what your goal is — are you there to connet with certain speakers, network with attendees, learn about a specific tool or methodology? Are you there to get inspiration or to simply be entertained?

Next, grab an accountability partner to go through the summit with you. This is a great way to make sure that you can bounce ideas off someone else and leverage the summit for mutual benefit.

Take in as much as you possibly can as far as the extras — are there live sessions? a Facebook community? Clubhouse or Zoom calls? Make this summit as serious and important to your business as an industry conference you’d pay thousands of dollars to attend.

It’s that important. If you don’t value what is being presented and internalizing it for personal and business growth, why sign up?

And the final thing, go in expecting to purchase the All-Access Pass. When we put money on the line, we are far more likely to invest our time and get a return from the attendance. All-Access Passes often have other benefits as well, such as bonus sessions and gifts/discounts/promotions from the speakers.

In a nutshell: Get as much as you can out of a summit; it’s a lot of work for the host/organizer and we want you to be thrilled with the decision to sign up.

Oh, and lastly, reach out to the host and the other speakers. The online space is all about community and collaboration. If you want to reach out to me, book a call at http://callwithjaime.com and be sure to sign up for the summit right now: https://expandonlinesummit.com

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