189: The Thank You Page; Valuable Online Real Estate

This episode is a follow up and continuation from last week where we talked about the landing page or sales page. 

A landing page can be used for a free or paid opportunity, anything that is transaction-oriented. And the page that comes after that landing page, well, that’s valuable real estate, so let’s make the most of it!

If you want to discuss your specific landing page(s) and thank you page(s) or anything else then be sure to book a call with me at —> http://callwithjaime.com 

Just as with everything else on your website, make sure to hang your hat at the door and step into the shoes of the people who are there on your website. In this case, the person who completed a transaction with you. They might have just signed up for your program, or signed up for your freebie, who has just signed up to have a call with you, or a lesson with you. 

Let’s validate their decision to entrust their music education with you.

The top of this page is super simple… something like… “Congratulations! You’re in!” or “You’re confirmed!” or “The freebie is on its way!” But that’s the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more that we can do on this page to begin to foster a real, wholesome relationship. 

We want to help our new student or subscriber get a win right away. Here are some ideas:

The thank you page for a freebie is best used not only to point them to their inbox for the download but also to take action. If we can keep them in our sphere a little bit longer, it can really impact the trajectory of the relationship.

  • Invite them to join your Facebook group if you have one!
  • Embed a YouTube video that compliments the freebie right here
  • Share your social media links and encourage them to follow you or share your freebie with their friends/network
  • Share a testimonial
  • Host a giveaway

The longer that we keep them on our site and tuned in to that feeling of excitement, the more likely they are going to keep coming back to us to progress with their studies. It’s as simple as that. 

In the best case, the thank you page from a freebie can immediately turn into a financial transaction — it’s Thank you and Congratulations AND… something else 🙂

“That is awesome that you signed up for my freebie! Now before you even jump off of your browser and go and look at the freebie, here’s something else that I am giving you…!”

There is a special kind of freebie that I want to call out real quick… virtual summits. They are completely free to attend and the thank you page after signing up for the free event is a sales page for the All Access Pass. It’s a rather long sales page most of the time, but with your freebies, it doesn’t have to.

Now, if you head to https://techofbusiness.com/onlineproduct/ which is the freebie on my site, you’ll see that I offer a low-cost brainstorm session on the freebie thank you page. Instead of just downloading my freebie, I’m also giving you the opportunity to make an immediate connection with me. 

You could do something similar- maybe on your freebie thank you page, you could have them sign up for a mini-course which essentially is a guided tour through the freebie. You don’t even have to charge a lot of money, it’s the process of going from lead to paying student that we are working towards here. 

On that thank you page, you’ve got plenty of real estate to be able to offer something else! And it’s going to set you apart from other teachers. 

The sooner in our pipeline that we have someone make a purchase with us, the greater potential that they will continue to make purchases from us. 

Now for the thank you page from purchases, what can we do here?

We want to make sure that people feel validated by what they see after they complete the transaction. We want them to feel excited about the purchase that they have just made. 

A great thing to do- give new students a way to share their newest purchase on social media– whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter or via email. 

And, because this is a paid product, we want to make sure that they know how to access their resources. If everything is coming via email, we let them know that everything is coming by email. 

But we also want to say “this is what’s coming via email-

  • You’re getting your login information via email, 
  • you’re getting immediate access to this…” and whatever else.

 If they’re able to get access without going to their email, we’re making sure that they get to where they need to right away. We want to have a button that says CLICK HERE to access and so on.

Right after the purchase is the best time to keep their attention. It’s just as simple as that. They’re already in the throes of it- they’re already signed up for your lessons, or already signed up for your program. Now they’re like “Okay, this is validation. This is good! I’m excited! Jaime is taking care of me!”

As a professional, your time is valuable, so think about what you can offer for an additional purchase at this time. Usually try is is referred to as a bonus or incentive that they can take advantage of immediately. It can be anything from your own tools or resources. 

Here are some ideas:

  • A toolkit of things to help them get started the right way as a $10 add-on 
  • Offer them to pre-purchase private sessions with you at a discounted rate
    • In your program you may have 30 minute sessions with you for $50, but if they buy them now, give them an option to get those for $40, so you give them a discount by paying for them in advance. 

Without a doubt, video is premiere right now, so welcoming your new student with a warm video is something that shows you care. Showing them that you are truly here and ready for them and ready to help them on this journey. Walk them through your studio and give an introduction of who you are!

;Also, include that video inside the student portal or inside their dashboard or inside the course or program itself so that they can refer back to it at another time.)

Here’s the key- 

After they’ve said YES to your program and given you money, you want them to walk away feeling glad, feeling excited, feeling ready to embark on this journey That thank you page has so much valuable real estate that we just need to make sure that we are totally taking advantage of it to create this synergy in this connection. 

This is a great place to get them hooked into your Facebook group, a discord channel, a WhatsApp group, or Voxer. Make sure that whatever tools you’re using you share with them right here so that they can get themselves set up. Yes, you will share them again in email or inside the program, especially during your live sessions

Now, if your students need to purchase items: reeds, strings, books, supplies… whatever it is they need, having links on this thank you page is REALLY helpful. They can just click on them and proceed. We want to make sure that we are providing them with pieces of the puzzle over and over again! The thank you page is just a great place to start putting that content. 

As always, connect with me at —> http://callwithjaime.com and book a call with me or send me a message over on Instagram at @jaimeslutzky

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