197: The Founders Series; Knowing Your Software

This is our midway point in The Founders Series.

(If you haven’t listened to episodes 195 and 196 yet, I recommend jumping back to those before proceeding with today’s episode, they all kinda build on each other and I want you to be empowered to make the best choice for your online music lessons!)

As a reminder, our guests in this series are:

All of them have graciously given us so much insight already into how their software works to support the online music education community, especially your private lessons. Today, we’re diving a little bit more into the technical side so that you can begin to understand how software works and how to best take advantage of all the software updates

The two questions I asked our founders today are: 

  • How often does your software get updated?

  • Talk to me about the way you’ve overcome bandwidth issues to provide a great environment for lessons?

The first question covers the software update process — 

  • How often do they update the software?
  • What goes into software updates? 
  • How does that get delivered to you?… and so on and so forth. 

The second question relates to how each software is overcoming bandwidth and latency issues that come from being online.

I want you to be able to offer the best lessons to your students and I believe  that these software solutions are going to help you get there

I chose this set of questions for this week because all we want is for our software to work and to make us shine, right? And by peeling back a little bit about how the software works, it’s going to empower you be super confident that you are going to be comfortable bringing this software into your studio and introducing it to your students. 


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