200: ️Celebration 🎵 Mindset & Music Education 🎵

I am so excited to be in this space with you right now sharing episode 200!

This podcast has been a roller coaster and an adventure for sure! Back in episode 100, I changed the name of this podcast and changed the direction of my entire business. And by doing so it opened up doors and opportunities that I am eternally thankful for. 

I love working with each and every one of my clients. 

I love interacting with all of the podcast listeners, my followers on social media, members of the Expand Online Community and my email list. It has been an absolute joy reaching in and becoming part of the online music educator landscape.

As you know, I am not a music teacher, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see this industry succeed online. I think that online is the perfect place to do so much more with music education. 

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This episode is about mindset and online music education.

My Mindset

Sometimes I feel way out of my league and I have to reel myself back in and say to myself that music education chose me as a conduit to help you get where you need to go. 

Having a positive mindset, for me, is combating the negative self talk.

  • I am not worthy,
  • Do I know enough? 
  • Am I going to be taken seriously? 
  • Can I really charge that? 
  • Are these people going to believe that I can help them with the transformation or the opportunity that they want? 
  • Do I have the skills?

These (and more) are all things that we kind of continually tell ourselves. They can break us down and keep us out of showing up. 

Having a positive mindset allows us to show up for our people to show up for the people who want to engage with us on social media, through our podcast, through our emails and most importantly as students and clients.

My greatest mindset hack is to remind myself of my definition of the zone of genius:

the space where your skill set and your passion collide!

Okay, just visualize it. You’ve got skillset coming at us from the left and you’ve got passion coming at us from the right and they collide and what happens when two things that come together? They create an explosion!

It’s an expanse of space where we can spend more time. So the way that I see it, we have a really finite expertise and we have a finite passion and when we bring those together, our expertise can grow, our passion can grow and the product that they create together is even larger. 

This keeps me so excited to have conversations with you. It fuels me to learn new things and to try new software and to help you accomplish something more and something new. That is my magic. That is what keeps me in the right headspace. 

Another thing that I do regularly is to remind myself of the journey that I have been on from knowing that I just wanted to be home to raise my kids and to be mom first where work/business allowed me to do just that. As I worked with more and more clients, I was able to get super clear on what I do best. What fills me up the most and what I wanted to do more of it also allowed me to figure out what I wanted to do less of which I think is equally important. 

These two things keep me in a positive headspace! They keep me wanting to show up every single week on the podcast, to show up every single week in your inbox, to show up every single week inside the Expand Online Community and for all the conversations that I get to have with you.

Your Mindset

First off — you are so insanely lucky, you knew that you had a passion and a skill for the given instrument or instruments and modalities that you teach. You are an expert unto yourself. 

There are not a lot of people who can do what you do and knowing that sets you up for success.

You already have experience. You already have successes. You have already done everything you need to to validate that what you’re going to do next is going to be successful. 

  • Yes, it’s going to take work. 
  • Yes, there are things that you’re not gonna know. 
  • But the sheer fact that you’ve done this before is enough to say, go!

You have what it takes to go forward and what you don’t know or what you need assistance on can be learned. You can take courses, you can take programs, you can outsource, you can tinker and tinker and watch youtube videos and read blog posts. 

When you’re thinking this is not for me, it’s too hard…  think back to what I just said: You’ve done it before, you can do it again. You have what it takes to be successful. 

The future of online music education

Coming out of the pandemic, more and more teachers are going to choose to stay online and reach a larger audience. I think there are going to be more online music programs, more online music courses and more online music group programs. 

I see a teachers coming together and creating umbrella organizations where there is cross referrals between one program or another program or synergies between educators. In this vision, multiple teachers will work in collaboration, each having their own programs with links and paths through one anothers. And some collaborative programs too!

The final thing that I see coming is a greater level of higher music education online. Right now there are a lot of places for beginner knowledge and as we go up the experience, there are fewer and fewer places. As we get into the intermediate and advanced level programming, there is going to be more opportunity for you to take hold and to teach at a higher level at a deeper level. 

So do I think that music education online is going great places. Absolutely. And do I think that you’re going to get there. Yes, 100%!

Book a call with me, go to http://callwithjaime.com and let’s talk about what you’re going to accomplish in 2022 beyond. I would love to be part of your success story.

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