221: All the benefits of private online lessons with Nate Lee


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About our guest

Nate Lee is an International Bluegrass Music Association award-winning instrumentalist and renowned teacher of private lessons and music camps. A veteran performer, Nate has played with the best in bluegrass, including Alan Munde, Becky Buller, The Kentucky Colonels, David Grier, Irene Kelley, Town Mountain, and the Jim Hurst Trio.


​Although Nate is in demand on stage and in the studio, his first love and finest skill is teaching. Teaching professionally since 2003, Nate has gained a loyal following of students who enjoy his comprehensive teaching methods and relaxed, encouraging demeanor. With an affinity for turning beginners into jammers, and jammers into professionals, Nate has developed a curriculum that teaches you to play well with others, and become the player you’ve always wanted to be!


In 2014, Nate took his teaching business online and has since become a leader in the online music teaching industry, developing new methods for teaching, marketing, and running a business. In 2021, Nate put his 19 years of music teaching experience into Lesson Business Blueprint, a course that helps musicians break into the online teaching world.



www.PlayNately.com (pronounced “Nate – Lee” with emphasis on the first sylable. Here’s a video with the pronunciation https://youtu.be/RnFq8UoXzdo) 


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lessonbusinessblueprint/ https://www.instagram.com/playnately/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lessonbusiness/ https://www.facebook.com/playnately/

Follow Nate on Instagram @NateLeeLLC

Conversation Highlights

  • Nate started teaching online in 2014 at the bequest of a student
  • How to set your online space up for student progress and a positive student-teacher relationship
  • How to make online lessons better than in person
  • You don’t need to teach the same way you learned, just as your music has evolved, so to can music education
  • Removing geography as a barrier to teaching the students who are a great fit for your personality and style
  • Structuring a teaching schedule that works for your students and yourself
  • How online teaching allows for other expansion opportunities
  • Building a waitlist
  • Cooperation and collaboration with other teachers

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