225: 5 Secrets to Teaching Music Online


In this episode, I highlight some of the most overlooked secrets that when utilized will help with successfully teaching music online. 

Secret #1:

Audio is more important than video for the most part

Secret #2:

Teaching can be done in real time and asynchronously with both one on one students and groups

Secret #3:

Lesson plans are vital to getting the most out of teaching time

Secret #4:

You can use other people’s content in your teaching as long as you do it right

Secret #5:

You don’t need to amass a huge following on social media or YouTube to be successful at building an online music education business.

If you are thinking about expanding with courses, membership sites, group programs, workshops, so on and have questions about the tech and the strategy, please book a call with me by going to https://callwithjaime.com

When it comes time to create a profitable, successful online music education business, it’s a matter of building the right combination of offers. One-on-one lessons alone are not going to do it. One-on-one lessons plus A, B or C? Now we’re starting to talk! 

One-on-one lessons don’t even need to have to ultimately be part of your online offering. You could do everything else online and just not even touch one-on-one lessons. 

There are no rules, there are no boundaries, there is no permission required to expand online. 

When you book your call at https://callwithjaime.com we’ll start manifesting and realizing how you’re going to build and be successful with your online music education business. 

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