253: Taking the next step on the music studio growth journey

This podcast is all about growth and expansion for your music studio. Growth doesn’t happen when we stand still, we need to take a step towards whatever our next goal is.

On the podcast today, our host, Jaime Slutzky, shares with you the three buckets where you can take a step:

The buckets are:

  • Running your studio
  • Income generating activities
  • Learning, coaching, personal and professional development

In this episode you’ll see what is included in each of the buckets and Jaime’s recommended step into each of them.

And remember, these buckets are full of ways to grow your music studio. Growth comes when we pull something out of them and put it into the bucket that is your business.

Now, if your business has a hole in its bucket… is it going to be to good to shove a whole bunch of learning and personal and professional development into that bucket? They’re just gonna fall through the bottom! Even though that third bucket is so enticing, we need to work from the first two buckets first!

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