258: Creating Your Online Music Course

Sometimes we just need to do the easy stuff and then tackle the tough stuff. With online music courses, the easy stuff is almost always the teaching side. If you’ve been teaching the same thing for 2 or more years and feel “in the groove” then you’re probably ready to translate what it is that you’re doing in your private teaching into an online course.

Online courses do not need to be created linearly and it’s best when you go in with an idea without being rigid about the actual construction.

On the podcast today, our host, Jaime Slutzky, shares insight on getting your course created quickly.

This includes:

  • Understanding what you want to include in your course
  • Articulating the goal of the course
  • Developing a clear understanding as to where your students are at the outset of the course
  • Learning objectives, content bridges and glue

The material you include in your course is going to come together easier than some of the other components of successful online music courses. The building of an online music course does not need to be linear. And it doesn’t need to follow a blueprint, it will be successful when it takes your students to their tangible goal and provides them with successes along the way!

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