Episode #28: Meet your Audience Where They’re at with Amanda Thebe

Topics Discussed

  • Amanda’s Podcast – Fit N Chips
  • Being at the mercy of the social media algorithms
  • The tech that Amanda is using to deliver her 6-month Menopause Hacks

Key Takeaways

  • If you can take away just one single nugget from a podcast episode, it’s a podcast to come back to
  • As a business professional using social media to engage with clients and potential clients, where do you draw the line on sharing? Your clients and prospective clients are busy as it is, and it’s important to set clear expectations as to when and how your message will be communicated (this can also change over time!)
  • Learn how your audience wants to receive paid content from you and build it so that they will find success in it

Speaker Quotes

“My first focus [for the beta] was content related. And now I’m looking at how I’m delivering [the course.]”


“I’ve started a snowball and it’s going to keep going. That’s the way that I look at this.”


“If you want good clients that want to stay with you, you have to build the connection… and then you have to be prepared to do the work!”

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