010 – Using Apps in Business with Betsy Furler

In this episode Jaime and Betsy discuss:

  • Betsy’s love of apps, which started when the iPod touch came out
  • Evaluating software or apps to determine “is it me” or “is it the software”
  • The value of strong product lies in it being intuitive and easy to use while still having videos, tutorials, FAQs and support available as well
  • Your App Lady podcast

Key Takeaways

  • When you’re looking at a piece of software or an app, it may just not work for you, even if it’s a good tool
  • Great graphics, font size and amount of text. They indicate the developer’s attention to detail and knowing their audience.
  • Do not use color to portray all of the meaning. This is forcing the product to rely on a single mode of communication.

 “If someone develops an app or a piece of software or a website keeping in mind the user that’s going to have the most difficulty, then it’s going to be fantastic for everyone!” – Betsy Furler


“If that tool doesn’t work for you. It’s okay. You might be able to find something that is better for your brain.”

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