009 – Tech Breakthrough with Geraldine Carter

Tech breakthrough sessions are advantageous to both the guest and the Tech of Business audience. We do something concrete for you in your business and the audience come away with an option to implement something similar in theirs.

Geraldine’s tech struggle is:

In her coaching practice, she relies on technology to get paid, do intake and schedule calls with her clients. And it just doesn’t run smoothly on the backside. She says it’s a bit clunky and pieces fall through the cracks.

The user flow is not always so clear: her clients might miss clicking a link or miss a field on a form and meeting details might not make it onto the calendar.

What she wants

  • Super simple, crystal clear user flow that walks her clients through exactly what they need to do – schedule, pay, answer a series of questions and get the meeting (when and where) on their calendar. Also automate confirmation and reminder emails.
  • Benefits
    • Geraldine will spend much less time “finagling and finessing”
    • Her clients will have a clean and clear on boarding process

Tools she is presently using

  • Calendly
  • PayPal
  • MailChimp
  • Wave Accounting


  • From Calendly or PayPal, setup Zapier to pull them over to MailChimp to take Geraldine out of the emailing process
  • Send Typeform link in email from MailChimp then integrate Typeform with Zapier to go back to MailChimp and notify them that they are all squared away
  • Create additional fields in MailChimp to track the Typeform completion and strategy session date

Sample Flow:

  • Brand new client comes to your website
  • Clicks Button to go to Calendly to book session
  • Find date/time and complete Calendly booking form
  • New client provides payment via PayPal
  • Client receives calendar booking via Calendly
  • Client receives typeform link via MailChimp
  • Client completes Typeform
  • Receive email from Mailchimp saying thank you

Bonus question –
Can PayPal integrate with Wave? Or can we bypass PayPal and do everything in Wave?

PayPal integrates with Wave and imports each transaction as both the payment and the transaction fee
If we remove PayPal and have Calendly trigger Wave to send an invoice, we’re removing one system and a whole lot of time doing reconciliation

Zapier is a service that sits between software services. Zapier is in the business of making the API from difference services speak to one another without needing to hire a developer. Here’s how I connect Acuity and Calendly together to streamline the intake process.

The demo is using premium features of Zapier. The free version of Zapier allows only one action ?

“While I can sort of muddle my way through and figure things out on my own. I probably spent 3 hours setting it all up and cohesive yesterday, which part of me likes doing, because I like to solve problems. But it’s not my zone of genius and what I need to be doing is what I do best: Coaching women who have bigger plans for making the world a better place.” ~Geraldine Carter

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