016 – Live Streaming to Heartwork Connections with Maritza Parra

In this episode Jaime and Maritza discuss:

  • How to showcase heartwork journaling
  • The camera angles Maritza and her team use for the live streams
    • Talking Head View
    • Overhead view of head of art table, brushes and her hands
  • The basis of the Heartwork Journaling book
  • Repurposing live stream content
  • The team required for a live stream show

Key Takeaways

  • Maritza’s overhead camera is sitting on a traditional boom microphone arm but rigged to hold a webcam
  • You can glean a lot of valuable insights and tools from other industries, not just by watching but also reaching out. Maritza watched a ton of cooking videos and demos and reached out to the hosts to find the best software and tools to create her own live stream setup.
  • Create a private Facebook group and broadcast into that to get your systems dialed in
  • Live streaming has brought Maritza and her upcoming book closer to her community. She now loves to hang out on her Facebook page, has offers from her community to help with her book tour and much more.

On rehearsing for live streaming:

“When it was time for the live stream, I was on fire and I had a real thorough knowledge of the lesson and what it could do for people. We’d already done the brainstorming!”


“As teachers, we’ve got blind spots and so if you haven’t rehearsed it and haven’t had somebody else who is not an expert look at it, you’re not going to know where your blind spots are. And you’re not going to be able to give a really incredible presentation that flows.”

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