015 – Tech Breakthrough with Hannah Smolinski

Tech breakthrough sessions are advantageous to both the guest and the Tech of Business audience. We do something concrete for you in your business and the audience come away with an option to implement something similar in theirs.

Tech struggle is:

In her words, Hannah explains the barrier that she’s having: I really need help getting my lead magnets into people’s hands. I have some excel worksheets and an ebook that are designed to help people run their businesses more efficiently and successfully.

Hannah uses DRIP as her email marketing platform.


  • Use the email marketing platforms built in list registration form
  • First email that goes out will include the lead magnet. If it’s less than 1 MB in size, feel free to include it directly in the email, otherwise host the digital file elsewhere (dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, your website, etc.) and link to it from your email.
  • Include a couple of usage nuggets in the first email. Then clearly inside the email state the next action – in Hannah’s case it’s “I’ll be back tomorrow with a video walkthrough on how to use this spreadsheet.”
  • Set your document with “READ ONLY” permissions so that they need to download it before using it.

Bonus question –
Is there any benefit to hosting lead magnets on my website to get them back to the website?

The lead magnet is going to be consumed in isolation, which is why it doesn’t need to sit on your website. You do want people to come back to your website to consume additional content and to engage with you.

The 1 MB threshold that I mention above is because most people check their email on their phone and depending on what your file is, it might not make sense to them to actually view it on the phone. This also helps your email to download and open faster on mobile devices and reduces inbox bloat.

The strategy we are implementing here is to put a lot of breadcrumbs in place. First there are the people who come to the website and download the file, they see you in their inbox and then they see you on YouTube. Simultaneously, we have people who find you on YouTube and then to the website and then to the inbox.

The type of lead magnet you use will depend on what paid offer you want to ultimately guide the user towards. If it’s a course (DIY) then using a DIY worksheet is great alignment. If it’s coaching or consulting, an eBook might be the better option.

In the on-boarding sequence, dropping into the inbox every 2-3 days for a couple of weeks will help you to establish yourself as credible and help your new subscriber get a quick win that they will remember you for.

Think about your audience as you’re putting together email automations. Does your subscriber want to read your emails on the weekends? In the evenings? First thing Monday morning? All this is programmable within your EMS.

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