022 – TECH for seeing and measuring funnels with Mikael Dia

Mikael and his team created funnelytics to solve the problem of:

  • mapping the funnel on the whiteboard
  • translating the whiteboard funnel into software tools
  • read and understand Google Analytics to determine what is actually happening with the funnel

The idea was to migrate the mapping from the whiteboard to a digital canvas and see the numbers directly on the canvas. This visual allows marketers to see the path that people are taking, conversions from one step to the next, where people are dropping off. And this became funnelytics!

When does a business need a marketing funnel?

Once your business has the following:

  • proof of concept
  • actual purchasers
  • nailing your messaging
  • done with conversations and one-to-one interaction

Then once you know

  • this is the offer
  • this is what we sell
  • this is who it serves
  • this is how it helps them
  • this is the problem that it solves

That’s when you should think about having a marketing funnel


Key Takeaways

  • A funnel is a linear process and has the ability to be quantitatively analyzed.
  • It is the process by which you take random strangers on the internet and getting them to take the action (purchase) that you present to them.
  • Your funnel is not complete when someone fills out the form on your website or sets up a phone call with you. That is not true, the end goal is them turning into a customer or client. Keep going!
  • A funnel doesn’t have to be online, but it does start with marketing something
  • Looking at analytics can be intimidating. It is hard to translate the numbers and graphs into understanding what is going on with your website.

Speaker Quote

“A funnel removes option for the user. Website pages in the funnel rarely have navigation bars that take the user away from the objective.”

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