023 – A simple tech stack and strategic implementation with Eli Natoli

Topics Discussed

  • Lead Generation Tools (psst, Eli’s top pick is ConvertKit which I think is pretty awesome, I generally recommend ActiveCampaign)
  • Website and Course Delivery Platforms
  • Content Marketing

Key Takeaways

  • With ConvertKit you can easily add tags to users based on activity directly in the email – signups for webinars and such without having to use a secondary tool to piecemeal it together.
  • When you purchase a WordPress theme from a premium marketplace rather than using a free theme, your purchase comes with support and ongoing development/updates
  • Content is only going to move your business forward if it’s created strategically. You don’t need a ton of content on multiple channels, rather, your content should support and lead prospects to your offer (the product or service that you’re selling.)
  • When trying to figure out the type of content you’re going to create, look at how your audience is going to want to consume that content and then take action on it.
  • Approaching content marketing as one human helping another human, you will automatically know the platforms and tools to focus on.

Speaker Quotes

“If you really want to build that business, if you want to grow your business, you have got to know how to do good content marketing.”

“Every time they [your prospects] interact with your content and they have those little wins, their confidence in themselves goes up… and you’re also building their confidence in you, that you are the person that can get them there.”

Eli’s course Invisible to Influencer is currently in enrollment. The link to check it out is https://techofbusiness.com/eli-natoli-course/

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