Episode #24: Effective Persuasion in business with Micah Larsen

Most of us as business owners started our venture because we love our modality and want to share it with others. We likely didn’t start our businesses to coerce people to buy from us or hire us. And that’s exactly where Micah’s research can step in and help us all — in this episode Micah demonstrates how communication and persuasion work hand in hand in business.

Topics Discussed

  • The way people communicate through technology (Micah refers to technology as the “mediator”)
  • The rules of business communication and the emotional context of messages
  • Choosing one form of video communication over another for different settings and what’s going on in the background of video conferences
  • Micah’s Persuasion Algorithm
  • Technology in Persuasion Science (hint, it’s science fiction coming to reality… at a theater near you!)

Key Takeaways

  • Emojis, Emoticons and GIFs help deliver the emotional context of a message, but are not generally used in business and therefore we need to learn how to communicate with persuasion
  • Media Richness Theory brings in all the senses to communication. Can we obtain visual cues? Proximity cues? Auditory cues? It’s a spectrum and it’s generally best to find the richest medium to persuasively carry your message.
  • Being a credible authority figure (somebody with a lot of expertise & trustworthiness) makes it far easier to influence your audience

Speaker Quotes

“When we argue a little against our own interests and self-exterminate, the people around us think ‘this person really wants the best for me and the best outcome for everyone.’”

“Persuasion is not sales. It’s understanding how the brain works to hack our thinking and give people a shortcut without making them feel like they are being railroaded.”

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