036: TECH for Managing Cash Flow with Katherine Pomerantz

Katherine is a money gal. She is also an artist and host of the forthcoming podcast called “Pivot don’t Quit it” I’ll link to the podcast when it’s live (psssst, Katherine interviewed me and we recorded a bonus for today’s episode that I’ll share once the podcast is live!)

Topics Discussed

  • Tech to invest in (both time and money wise)
  • The cash flow process in the business
    • Documenting expenses
    • Invoicing and Getting paid
    • Reporting
    • Bill Pay
  • Finding the best right tool for each segment of the cash flow process, unique to your business needs
  • Understanding the cash cycle in your business so that bills are paid when money is available.

Key Takeaways

  • Investing in tech can save you time. So investing your time in tech must benefit the future time savings.
  • Managing money well is the key to a profitable business staying in business. Profit without cash flow management can cause bankruptcy.
  • There is a tech stack we can build that make accounting and money more efficient.
  • Start not only tracking what needs to be paid, but when it needs to be paid.
  • Drill down and determine what the one most important mission critical thing is for your business in every step of the cash flow process. This will create your tech stack wish list.

Websites Mentioned in this episode

Episode Quotes

“It’s almost never about the money. It’s more about is it accomplishing its mission critical task? Is it doing what it really needs to do? Is it actually saving you time? If it’s doing those things… I don’t care what it costs, let’s pay for it if it’s actually helping!” – Katherine Pomerantz


“What actually matters is if you have cash on hand to pay your bills.” – Katherine Pomerantz


“A client or customer has zero obligation to pay you until they’ve been invoiced.” – Katherine Pomerantz


“For me, I prefer to add things to the system when we need them, and take them out when we don’t” – Katherine Pomerantz

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