037: Laura Petersen reveals the TECH to become an Amazon Bestseller

Laura Petersen (as she says with 3 “e”s) is our guest today. She has a system that helps entrepreneurs ethically and strategically write, self-publish, launch, and leverage a bestselling book.

Laura is a wealth of information and I’m guessing that “Write a Book” might end up on your goals after listening to this episode!

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Topics Discussed

  • The lead domino of business publicity: writing a book
  • Using Amazon as a research tool
  • The benefit of hitting #1 on Amazon (outside of the pretty screenshot)
  • The logistics for getting your book up on Amazon

Key Takeaways

  • There are subcategories (beneath business, marketing or your umbrella category) that are very relevant to your niche and those are the categories where it’s manageable to hit #1 bestseller and be proud of doing so.
  • Select the subcategory where the #1 ranked book has a lower OVERALL Kindle ranking because it’s a less competitive category. This means you’ll likely need fewer sales to hit #1 than you would in a more competitive category.

Websites & Tools Mentioned in this episode

Episode Quotes

“Any best seller list is possible to hit, it just depends on how much money you want to invest in marketing to make that happen.” – Laura Petersen

“Use the best right tool for what you’re doing.” – Jaime Slutzky

“A book is just another medium that allows us to share our knowledge with somebody a couple steps behind us.” – Laura Petersen

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