052: Streamline Tools to Increase the Bottom Line with Kerryn Hewson

Today we are talking with Kerryn Hewson. This episode is centered on streamlining your tools to increase the bottom line. It’s a perfect compliment to the last few episodes. We’re talking about systems, tools, and automations that transcends the actual tech that is required to run businesses.

Kerryn is from New Zealand and she is a productivity and system strategist. She helps mompreneurs to simplify, streamline, automate, and outsource their business activities to get more time freedom for the things that matter most. It’s so easy to over-complicate things so we must simplify and streamline.

Simplification– don’t do something that doesn’t need to be done. Over time we seem to accumulate things that we are doing and the tools we are using to do those things. We don’t often look back and say what are we really using. Doing a tech audit to see what tech tools you are actually using could actually help you to simply and save some money. A tech audit could be something very effective to help you simplify.

You can schedule a tech audit with me by going to https://techofbusiness.vipmembervault.com/user/courses/view/10

As you may recall from prior episodes, my definition of zone of genius is when your passion and your skill sets collide. It’s an expansive space. You’re not in a constricted space. You’re in a space where you want to spend more time and continue to expand.

Kerryn’s definition of zone of genius- Getting really clear on the vision of your business. Ask yourself, “If I was only doing the stuff that I loved in my business, what would I do be doing?”

It’s not just about what you are good at. You can be good at something you don’t necessarily like doing. What can you do day in and day out that makes you excited about your business? Start here for zone of genius. This also gives you a good place to start with the bigger vision for your business.

First thing she does get people to do during simplification is to talk AT her and she becomes the filter of that information. Once she knows what they are doing then she asks how do you do that. By doing this she starts to see all the tools they use to accomplish all the things they need to do in their business. This helps them to see everything in a map that is laid out for them and they see things they don’t need to be doing. So now they start to think how do they consolidate it. It’s at this point, you can figure out what you want/need to outsource. But you must know how/why you are doing it. This process helps with those questions.

One of the things she looks at is using as few tools as possible for as much stuff. Much of the time this means knowing what new features have come out on tools you are already using. These new features could replace another tool you are using all together. One of her big things is that systems have to personalized and customized to you.

“You need to know how you want to work first before you, then, set up a tool. Otherwise, you are adopting a tool and taking on a generic process.”- Kerryn Hewson Click To Tweet

You do have to compromise with tools. But you can compromise in a positive, proactive way when you know how you want to work and what it means for your business. Generally, it ends up being 1 or 2 big tools that do most of the work, then filling in the gaps with other smaller tools.

Kerryn says she needs to update my owns systems to stay on top of the latest and greatest which in turn helps her clients.

“Systems need to support you taking action.”- Kerryn Hewson Click To Tweet

Crowdsourcing or asking people what tools they are using is a good way to get a short list of tools you can possibly use. Make sure you also ask follow up questions to clarify what they love about it and why so you can tie is back to what you are wanting to do.

Episode #38 Crowdsourcing your tech tools https://techofbusiness.com/038/

There are tools systems and processes that we can put in place that are directly impacting the different aspects of business. Generally you can automate something cheaper than you can outsource. But there are certain things like admin support and content creation are things that can be outsourced. Things like creating social media graphics can’t be automated. Putting the creative together cannot be automated. Sometimes getting out of the automation and outsourcing some things creates an extra touch with a client and helps to create a bond because you are taking that extra step out of the automation. Automate to free yourself up so you can really show up for people.

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There are things we know we need to do for our businesses and we don’t do them because it’s big and scary for us to do. If there was a tool that makes it easier for us to do those things, it would be a magical tool.

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