053: Keeping it Simple… Finding Tech That Works for You with Teresa McCloy

Today’s episode is with Teresa McCloy. She uses tech in several aspects of her business as a coach. There are lots of ways entrepreneurs use tech in their business without even realizing it. I think that there is a misconception as to what is considered technology and what is considered a tool. Once we master using a tool, maybe we don’t consider it technology because it is something that has just become a part of our day or a tool in our toolbox.

“What am I learning that I need to know? What do I really just want to trust an expert who knows that technology to run it and do and give me the end product?”- Teresa McCloy Click To Tweet

Teresa says it’s very important when considering technology we have to decide if it’s the best use of your time. What are the things that are good for you to do vs. what is good for you to hire out so you can better utilize your time?

She uses Kajabi for courses, Canva for graphics, Nozbe for task management, Dropbox for storage, and WordPress for Website. Once you get your system together, they all just become tools in our business that we just don’t even thing anything about.

In relation to the Tech Stack Framework, these types of tools like Kajabi and WordPress fall into Base Tools. While Canva, Dropbox, and Nozbe fall into Support Tools. It’s a lot easier to swap out a tool that is sitting in the support tools or growth tools level than a base tool because your base tools is what you have to have to run your business. It’s so important to know where your tools sit in the framework!

Why did Teresa choose Nozbe? Teresa uses Nozbe because the ability to take a project that she’s working on and put all of its tasks in there. She will put her project in for the 90 day project and then she starts doing a brain dump into the software. Then you can go in and input due dates and numbers, but you can also make notes. You can also assign the tasks to a team member and you can comment back and forth about these tasks/project. This keeps these types of conversation out of email.

Nozbe will also create a daily task list once you have 2 or 3 projects in there. Nozbe is very clean and just visually appealing to Teresa. We have to use task management tools that are visually appealing to us. There is a lot of value to having one dashboard for the whole team vs. 2-4 different views of the projects then have to prioritize outside of the project management tool. Nozbe is free for up to 5 projects.

Teresa encourages clients to stick with software for 90 days before they decide if it’s for them or not. And instead of comparing this to that, go all in on one tool to see if it’s right for you. If it doesn’t then move on to another tool.

As a coach, Teresa also uses Zoom. It is a great tool to have conversations with her clients and she really loves it.

Teresa’s tech fear. She’s having to dive into new technology because she’s getting ready to launch her own podcast. There were so many different options for her to choose from it was really intimidating to her.

“All the decisions around bringing in a new marketing tool, new way of doing business... I had forgotten how much energy it takes to choose the software/technology side of things.”- Teresa McCloy Click To Tweet

Just because you want to bring on something new, doesn’t mean it’s going to just be the flip of a switch. There is a method to bringing on new tech. Any project you take on has little intricate details that you need to pay attention to. What does it take to actually get from the “I want to”
thought and the project coming to fruition? These are things you have to consider.

Decision fatigue-so many decisions to make about the project can feel exhausting.

Technology becomes a tool in your tool belt when you feel comfortable with it and you have the support you need. It can also bring you so many opportunities. From Zoom calls to podcasts, technology is our friend and we can use it to our advantage.

NO matter where we are in our business, there is someone a step ahead of you that you can lean on, but there is also someone behind you that may need to lean on you.

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