055: Building Personal Relationships with Facebook as a Base Tool with Michael Marcial

Today we are talking with Michael Marcial.  Michael is the creator of the 5 Figure Workweek which is a Facebook based mastermind community with about 3400 members.  He created this community because he knew there were other people out there, like him, who were looking to make a deeper impact while making money.  His mastermind does not have a deep tech stack. He likes to keep things simple and uses Facebook as a base tool for his business.

Michael believes in a people first approach and goes about it by fostering personal connections. Everything he highlights his ability to connect with people.  There are four things he relies on in his business and which he knows that his brand also needs to capture. They are:

  • Understanding who he is
  • Understanding that they are the type of people he works with
  • Understanding what he can offer them
  • Understanding the result he can deliver by them working with him.

This deep understanding has allowed him to identify the technology needed in his business to support these pillars.  He doesn’t need tools that overcomplicate. He doesn’t need tons of landing pages or funnels. Earlier this month, he ran an in person mastermind with nothing more than a paypal link → because he built his PERSONAL brand and made PERSONAL connections.

I haven’t forgotten that the very first audio message that I received in Facebook messenger was from Michael.  And there was something about that audio message, adding his voice to the message, that made it so much easier to connect with the message and him. Michael uses the tech he NEEDS not what someone else tells him to use.

“We follow tactics. We follow the little tic-tac-toe information that some guru or influencer gives us. And what I have noticed in my own journey in going from dead broke to figuring a few things out and really applying and taking… Click To Tweet

In his own self confidence it started working even though it was different.  He started to notice a shift in the type of people he was talking to. They were movers and shakers and innovators.  He became peers with these people and people HE was FOLLOWING.

One thing that he noticed was many of them showed up well with their online presence and branding but they didn’t really have the results they were showcasing.  If we aren’t getting the same results with our own program, aren’t we just leading our followers to failure?

Michael uses tech as SUPPORT for his VISION.  The 5 Figure Workweek is a PAID Facebook community that grows through affiliates.  When Michael realised that an affiliate program was the perfect way to grow the 5 Figure Workweek, it was time to find a tool that resonated with him and that accomplished this one task… And this brought him to ClickFunnels where he implemented the affiliate management constructs.

In growing his mastermind community, the connections he was making was on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  He knew he was not going to be able to keep that up so he created the Facebook Group so it could be all in one place.  He also knew if we was going to GROW he couldn’t do it alone. So he created a something that took care of his people AND helped him to grow!

The ClickFunnels “funnel” that his affiliates send people to is simply three pages: a welcome page, a registration page, and a thank you page. That’s it. He doesn’t use emails and ads and noise — he relies on his core belief that the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do is to CONNECT with people.

“Technology supports the vision, not the other way around.”- Michael Marcial Click To Tweet

For Michael, connection, authenticity, and keeping it simple is what he needs to do so that he can deliver what it is he wants to deliver to his people. He loves the format and vibe his mastermind has created because people are sharing things they are doing that are working and things that aren’t working so everyone can learn from each other.  They do interviews and Q&A sessions. He wants to equip his people to reach more of their people to provide more of their genius.

Michael is also very transparent is what he is doing.  He’s always showing his hand so to speak. An example of this is his Facebook Live videos where he has a format to each of this videos so that people know what he talking about and what they can expect at the end if he has something to offer them.  It lets people know, once they get used to that format, that if they see he’s live and they have missed a few minutes that they can really jump in at any time. It’s not salesy or spammy, it’s genuine.

Don’t go live just to be going live.  Go live with intention, connection, and purpose.  Know your people and know what will serve them and your capacity to deliver on that.  If you continually put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client, if you really KNOW them, you can speak to that and offer amazing services, products, offers, etc. in ways that no one else can.

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