056: Over-Deliver Your Promises [Deep Dive]

Today we’re celebrating!!! It’s the episode that I’ve been dreaming about and envisioning for weeks and weeks… it’s our 1 year anniversary episode!

With this episode, we’re wrapping up the first year of the Tech of Business podcast and I am thrilled that you’ve been part of the journey thus far.

As I said, I’ve been dreaming about this episode for weeks… I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be a “call in your questions” type episode or playing snippets from the past episodes type episode, if it should be a reflection and looking forward episode or a solo down and dirty tactical episode. There is so much that I love about bringing practical tech conversations to you each week… it was really tough to decide.

But I did… and what I’m about to share with you is going to open your eyes to the opportunities that are right under your nose. These ten ways to over deliver your online promises are going to blow you away!

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Now…. Let’s get into the ten ways to over deliver your online promises!

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#10: Use your email marketing platform to immediately deliver your promise and set expectations

The best impression you can give someone is to deliver the promise you’ve made. If you’re asking someone to opt-in for a freebie, webinar, virtual summit, masterclass or other no-cost way to learn from you, they are providing you with their email address. Use it immediately – truth is they are expecting that and we have trained ourselves to link entering information in a form to going to our inboxes to receive whatever was promised.

Don’t get me wrong, thank you for giving me your email address type pages are super important as well. And I want to take a couple moments to talk about the best things to put on that page in a moment but suffice it to say that you’re not going to create a true connection with that new subscriber or attendee without using email – so start the relationship right by sending your promise via email.

When it comes to delivering a paid product, depending on how your systems are configured and what the promise is, you may provide them with immediate access or a button on the thank you page that gives the access. Or there may be additional steps either they or you need to take in order to deliver what they have purchased. The more we can deliver immediately without the need to go back to the inbox, the better. It’s a far better user experience to stay in the web browser than have to jump over to the inbox – when you’ve just bought something.

Think about product based businesses for a moment, when you buy something from them online, could you imagine not having a page with your confirmation number and delivery information right after the transaction completes? Well, it’s the same thing with delivering your online services and digital products.

In this case what we send via email completes the experience and provides a great backup for the information from the purchase confirmation page. I like to send a welcome to the program email which includes all relevant links that we already included on the thank you for your purchase page. I also like there to be a separate email that contains the receipt, refund policy and terms of use. I like that to be a separate email so that it can go to a “different department” – think of bigger businesses, the receipts need to go to Accounting whereas the product needs to be delivered to the appropriate party. Separating these is beneficial for the recipient.

Now looping back on the thank you for giving me your email address page from the free offers – this page is one of my favorite pages to create because it gives your new subscriber instructions and can set expectations.

When you’re giving away a downloadable of some kind (rather than a “show up online” activity) the thank you page will include instructions for going to the inbox, white labeling your email address, clicking the link to download the item -and this is important- praise them for taking action. In some cases there might be reason to present an offer on this page as well, but that’s beyond what I wanted to cover in today’s episode, if you ask for it, I’ll slate that into the podcast in the coming months… so DM me on Instagram @techofbusiness!

Now, when you’re giving away something that requires the registrant to show up online or watch a limited time replay, the thank you page is a fabulous place to insert an “add to your calendar” button offer text reminders and let them know that you’ll be sending over some pre-work to their email address so that they can get the most out of this online event.

And then, we loop back over to the email and with that, here’s #9 on our list to over deliver your online promises

#9: Set expectations via email and ask for feedback consistently and regularly

The email that is going to receive the greatest number of opens out of any that you send to a subscriber is the very first one where they receive their freebie or access.

So, set expectations in this email – they are far more likely to read it. Let people know that you send emails once a week, where they can connect with you on social, how to unsubscribe and what will happen if they do unsubscribe. Point them to your website or where they can learn more about you and your business.

And one of the expectations that you will want to set, most likely, is that you love engaging and connecting and receiving feedback. Let them know that you like to get feedback via email or via your Facebook page or LinkedIn or otherwise.

Similarly, with the initial email for a show-up-live event, we want to set expectations… let them know the frequency of future emails leading up to the event and what it looks like after the event concludes.

Jumping right off the expectations and feedback, we’re into #8 which is

#8: Create a freebie email sequence that helps them get more out of the freebie, creates a tangible connection between your name in their inbox and the results they seek and, gets them ready for your future emails including pitch emails

When someone opts into your email list they are still what we call “cold” and that’s where the warming or welcome series comes in. Before dumping them right into your weekly emails and pitching your offers, now is the best time to help them get the most out of what they have subscribed to. This person, they asked for you to send them the information, the greatest gift you can give them is assistance with getting the results they seek.

I have an ideal freebie email sequence that you can access at the bottom of this page or by going to https://techofbusiness.com/freebie/email-sequence/ Let’s break that down for a PDF download.

Here’s the sequence

  1. Deliver the freebie immediately and set expectations as in #9
  2. At 9am the next day, at least 4 hours after subscription but no more than 23 hours after subscription, send another email that augments the information in the first email
  3. Wait for 2 days and check to see if either of the first two emails have been opened
  4. If so, send another follow up
  5. Wait for 3 days, send another follow up
  6. Wait an additional 5 days and send a final follow up
  7. Add a tag that indicates they are an active subscriber if they have opened any of the three emails in this branch and wrap things up
  8. If they didn’t open either of the first two emails, we send them to the possibly inactive route which includes sending a recap of the freebie plus first follow up email
  9. At this point, we hold that new subscriber until they take some action or it’s been 30 days since they subscribed.

There are a few other breakouts within the sequence but I’m not going to get into them here – I’d love for you to see the graphic I have waiting for you in the freebie at https://techofbusiness.com/freebie/email-sequence/ and, I know that was quite technical and not necessarily easy to follow by my voice, so I’ll break it down in common words.

Our freebie opt-in sequence is 5 emails long that warms them up to us and our business and provides them with prompts to do the work that was contained in the freebie. If they get through enough of the content we know that they are warm enough to get our broadcast emails and offer emails. If they haven’t done enough with our emails, then we want to give them time and space (30 days) to get through the content and keep them out of our regular sequence… the idea being the more engaged subscribers we have opening our emails, the better our business is going to resonate and grow.

Your email freebie sequence can be started at any time, so if you don’t have one yet, not to worry, I’m so excited to share the one above with you!

Onto our seventh way to over deliver…

#7: Create a personal connection, use triggers in your email marketing to highlight the stand out participants and wow them with a personal email

Tagging your subscribers based on actions they take and having distinct segments is a great way to double down on your most loyal subscribers.

In ActiveCampaign, I have some automations setup that simply notify me what my subscribers are doing… if someone visits one of a number of pages on my website, then I get an email letting me know to pay a bit closer attention to that person and what else they might be doing. I have triggers for when people take certain activities in my promise delivery platforms (both Thinkific and MemberVault) so that I can send a personal email letting them know I noticed them taking massive action, ask for feedback, or offer to guide them through.

I am actually thinking about adding another automation that would trigger if someone visits a certain page and doesn’t hit another page after a certain number of days – this may indicate that I need to tweak my delivery method. It shows that something isn’t working as smooth as it could.

Did I have all this setup last year when I launched the podcast? Of course not! I’ve been growing and iterating and doubling down on what’s working. I’ve also been watching other entrepreneurs and brands to see what they’re doing.

We’re not in a place where things run on auto-pilot, we’re in a place where we need tech and connection to be intertwined… which is why I highlighted MemberVault back in episode 43 – 47. They are all about relationship marketing – and a very successful tool to build a true relationship with your subscriber. There is way more than just a name and email address involved!!

Next, we’re going to take our over-delivering out of email and…

#6: Invite social media connections

If you’re anything like me, then you have a love-hate relationship with your inbox. And you’re probably far more likely to see a message pop up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn… so invite your subscribers to connect with you on social media. Ask engaging questions, invite engagement and do your best to showcase wins that your subscribers get from engaging with your content.

We’re all so busy, that it’s easy to be a lurker – to see and not to interact and engage. Your best next client is not going to come from the ether… they are watching and thinking and watching some more. Give them a chance to pull themselves out of the shadows and into your line of sight.

If you’re resonating with this episode, take a picture right now and post it on Instagram and tag @techofbusiness! Let me know where you’re listening and what’s coming up for you. Let’s have a conversation and let me see you!

See what I did there? That was my attempt to engage with you on social media – I know you want to, so unless you’re driving, snap that picture and tag me on Instagram!

Speaking of social media… one of the really cool things that it opens up for us is

#5: Gamification

What is gamification you ask? It’s a way to entice your purchasers and subscribers to complete the actions that they set out to complete when they signed up or purchased your offer.

It’s about getting points or bonuses or credits… there are hundreds of ways to gamify and entice users to do more. And it can be done by playing against yourself or against others.

For the purposes of this podcast, I like self-imposed gamification – unlocking bonus content and perks for hitting certain milestones with the free or paid content. If you’re running a challenge and someone completes all their homework by the end of the challenge they could unlock a discount for your signature offer that comes on the heels of the challenge.

Or if you’ve got a self-directed course or membership site, gamification can be used to unlock bonus content, a call with you or a group experience.

Gamification works well to augment what they are already expecting. It’s a great way to over deliver and wow your audience!

Let’s switch gears for a moment and touch on the fourth way to over-deliver.

#4: Use as few tools as possible and keep it as simple as possible to deliver your promises

While it seems obvious at first, let’s break it down…

  • Use one tool to deliver all your emails
  • Use one tool to house all your content
  • Use one tool to take payments
  • Limit the number of passwords, lock codes and unnecessary hoops for your users to fully use what you’ve promised them
  • Have a system for fast customer service

My rule of thumb is to stick with one tool until it no longer does what you need it to. And if a tool that you bring in can “do more” determine if you’re going to use all features of that tool or stick with using it only to fill the need you sought it for.

Okay, that seems like another mouthful… so, let’s talk about Thinkific a bit. It can take payments and do affiliate management, and send welcome and reminder emails and deliver your courses… but if you are already using ThriveCart for your payment processing and affiliate management, does it make sense for your business for you to start using that part of the Thinkific system? And what about welcome an reminder emails? If you’ve already got ActiveCampaign working, is it better to flush out ActiveCampaign to take care of those course related emails or is it better to use the built-in system.

I can probably make a case for both situations, so if you’re wondering which way to go with your unique tech stack, reach out to me, okay? As I’ve already said I’m @techofbusiness on Instagram!!

#3: Use segmentation in your email marketing system to keep content relevant and avoid selling to the already sold

This is a biggie… we have so many systems that we use to navigate things online, and the more systems we add the more likelihood there is to get your list out of sync. Keeping our lists in sync helps our audience feel appreciated by only receiving relevant emails. This means that if you’re in promotion mode for a product or service that you’ve already delivered before, it’s really effective to exclude anyone who has already attended, purchased or subscribed.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t resend that information to the people who already opted in for this particular offer, especially if you’re going to give them the opportunity to join in on the next round or otherwise. But it’s way more effective to lead with “since you already came to xyz, I wanted to let you know that for no additional cost, I would love to see you in the next round.” Or something like that.

Segmenting your list doesn’t have to be hard or arduous… it’s even something that can be done after the fact, if you didn’t get everything squared away… might take a bit of time but when we’ve been delivering content and products and services online for several years, it’s likely that we can augment our segmentation.

I don’t think there are ever too many tags that we can apply to a subscriber. I’d rather see that someone bought product A, looked at product B, attended webinar C and so on than to just know that they are an active subscriber.

That being said, there also comes a time to consolidate tags. If, for example, you’re running an evergreen webinar and have individual tags for each week of the webinar, there comes a point in time when it doesn’t make sense to keep all the individual tags but rather consolidate them all to a single watch-evergreen-webinar tag. This can actually be setup to run automatically with many tools or even if you’re not able to do that, most email marketing platforms are going to make it easy to filter on tags and you can add the new tag and remove the old tag (or have your assistant take care of this.)

I’m giddy when it comes to making your email marketing platform work well – and when you go through the email sequence that I mentioned earlier, the one that you can access on at the bottom of this page or over at https://techofbusiness.com/freebie/email-sequence/ you’ll see that I offer an email marketing system tune up!

The next way to over deliver on your promises is to

#2: Do something live and in real time

Yup – making a big deal about going live and your subscribers having access to you in real time is a huge way to over deliver. Whether you make it public on your Facebook page, using Instagram Stories or host something exclusive for your community or paid members, going live and doing activities in real time will raise your credibility with your community.

When we show up and do the unexpected, people take notice. They share with their friends and associates. And the most amazing thing about going live these days is that it’s completely acceptable to do it from your phone!

And if you think back to last week’s conversation with Michael Marcial, he is famous for dropping live audio messages in Facebook Messenger – combining #2 and #6 on this list. So completely effective and no complicated tech to deal with.

And to wrap our list of top 10 ways to over deliver your promises

#1: Be authentically you within your tech tools

Always, always, always!! It doesn’t matter if you’re using the most complicated set of tools that can do 100,000 things for you or four simple tools… when you show up to deliver and over deliver, showing up as yourself is vital.

If you sign up for the freebie that I talked about in this episode you then received something that totally didn’t sound like I wrote it – there would be a disconnect. It would be a turn off and you might not know if it’s the “podcast Jaime” or the “email Jaime” that is going to show up to your Tech Audit or other project that we work on together.

Rest assured… the “podcast Jaime” is the real Jaime… even my 12 year old daughter Camryn said to me as she was reading over my shoulders as I was writing out the show notes for this episode, that she cannot believe that I write in the exact same way that I talk!

I told her that it’s vital for me to just be me and not try to impersonate someone I admire. Their methods work for them, my methods work for me, and to you, listening right now, make sure that your methods work for you!

At this very moment of the episode I can hear whispers from around the globe… but Jaime, how can I over-deliver when the tech is so overwhelming? My first response is to BREATHE. Always breathe. And then think about what you’re promising. What’s one tiny thing you can do to make things just a little bit easier for your subscriber or purchaser. Start there.

Or pick just one of the 10 ways that I mentioned in this episode… and focus on helping your client, subscriber, customer or audience get a bit closer to their objective.

It doesn’t have to be hard. I don’t want it to be hard… which is why I tried my best to keep tech out of this conversation. Frankly, your business doesn’t need you to be fully involved in the technology that runs it. You don’t need to understand the email freebie delivery that I mentioned in #8 and that you’re going to download… you just need to know that you’ll be able to use it to augment the experience for your subscriber.

That’s the truth. The tech tools we use to deliver and over-deliver are just tools… the power of those is tools is the outcomes that your subscribers, customers, clients and audience receive when you use the tools as a conduit for delivery.

And with that… our first anniversary episode is a wrap.

Can you think of one person who’s email list you’re on right now who could do more to deliver what you want or need from them by adopting one or more of the ten ways we talked about in this episode? Do them a favor and grab the link to this episode from your podcast app and email it to them right now. It’s so simple and both of you are going to win!

Thank you for being part of the Tech of Business community this year and I cannot wait to kick off year two of the podcast with you!

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