057: Infopreneurship, ClickFunnels, Virtual Summits and More with Bailey Richert

Today, we’re taking with infopreneur extraordinaire Bailey Richert. Bailey is the host of the Infopreneur Summit, a ClickFunnels user (and affiliate) and was a speaker at the most recent Funnel Hacking Live. She is a wealth of knowledge!

What is being an infopreneur all about? It’s about how you can take what you know so well that you are extremely confident packaging it into something new and delivering it online!.

Bailey helps people who want to share their life experience, passion, and knowledge with others. They do this online in a way that also makes money primarily through information products and services. Hence the term “INFOpreneur”. So if you are creating courses or have a membership site and YOU are creating the content for it…then you are an INFOpreneur.

One of the cool things about infopreneurship is that it is such a versatile business model. Infopreneurs can be service providers and vice versa. Being an infopreneur can be just part of your business. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your WHOLE business.

“People should consider how they can leverage information products and services in their own business to help their bottom line.”- Bailey Richert Click To Tweet

Some people go into business and seek out infopreneurship from the outset. To do this you have to get clear on your messaging, who it is you want to serve, and how you want to serve them. Infopreneurs are most often personal brands, doing business under their own name to position themselves as the expert. Bailey often sees with new infopreneurs is they have difficulty separating their business brand from their personal life.

One of the biggest mistakes she see people make is starting their business based on all the things that interest them. This is the quickest way to failure because people don’t know what “box” to put you in and that’s what they are looking for…the box in which you belong.

Instead, as the infopreneur it’s our job to choose the box for them. We need to select the box that we want to be in and narrow down that focus before other people decide where we belong. Knowing who you want to find you and who you want to refer you and what you want to be known for is paramount.

The great thing about infopreneurship is that you can create info products in almost any niche. Bailey is leading the Infopreneur Summit this month. This is the fourth year she is hosting this event… In 2016, she launched the first summit. She grew her email list, brought in income, built a network of influencers, and gained credibility as a Summit Host. She immediately turned around after the first one and said I know I can do better. The second time she did the summit she was about to QUADRUPLE their results from the first summit. So she said THIS IS IT! THIS IS MY THING!

Bailey is clear on her positioning. The Infopreneur summit is for the beginning and budding infopreneurs. That is: someone who has learned about infopreneurship, but hasn’t taken any steps yet. They are interested in learning more about what it’s all about. OR… they have taken some initial steps, they are committed to this idea that they want to be an infopreneur and they are looking to learn from the experts who are doing well in this online world.

  • Day 1 of the summit is all about business foundations.
  • Day 2 is about your online presence which includes social media.
  • Day 3 is about revenue stream.
  • Day 4 is about sales, marketing, and scaling.

The speakers are covering a wide variety of topics. They are going to get into the nitty gritty of all of the these topics.

Bailey tries to keep things actionable. She wants to give you the exact strategies you need to make your business successful. She runs her summit the same way. There is so much opportunity in this summit for online business owners.

One topic I really wanted to bring up on this episode is Clickfunnels. Bailey has been using it in her business since 2015. Bailey describes Clickfunnels as a full marketing suite. It allows you to create leadpages, landing pages, and full sales funnels with order forms, upsales, downsells, order confirmation pages, membership sites and more. She uses Clickfunnels for everything! She is using it for her Virtual Summit funnel. Because she can clone the previous funnel and tweak it, she feels this year’s Infopreneur summit funnel is the best it’s ever been. Cloning means you can make a copy.

There is also a share feature in Clickfunnels which allows a funnel or pages to be copied from one account to another #powerful.

Bailey was a speaker at the most recent Funnel Hacking Live conference where she spoke about Virtual Summits.

The Clickfunnels community is diverse. At FHL attendees self select their skills, business and focus with ribbons on the name tag #sosmart. You can use Clickfunnels to sell products in any niche and in any business. Going to live events is a fabulous way of connecting with people you may never meet otherwise, even if you’re in the same online community. This conference uses the software as the common denominator.

For Bailey, Clickfunnels is ideal for housing virtual summits because it’s not actually about the summit event. The most important part of your summit is your funnel! This is because your funnel is where you are getting people on your email list that’s also where you are going to be selling your all access pass and other products. When you use Clickfunnels, it lends itself to all the info products and services you might want to sell on the heels of the event.

Marketing and technology intersect so deeply. Without technology, your marketing doesn’t have any legs. Without marketing, your technology doesn’t have any purpose. They really go hand in hand. When you have a tool that allows you that can help you leverage both, that’s where the sweet spot is.

When it comes to determining what you can be creating to bring yourself into the infopreneur space you have to consider where you are in your business. One thing Bailey sees is Infopreneurs who are relatively new, whether they have been in business for a while or not, the first thing that say/do is “I need an online course.” Bailey loves online courses, but there are lots of things that need to be considered before launching a course such as current audience size and audience. This is one of the reasons she recommends doing a Virtual Summit.

A Virtual Summit can be lots of things. It’s not just a revenue stream. It’s also a lead generation events, an authority building event, and a community building event whereas a course is JUST a revenue stream. You can use a Virtual Summit to LAUNCH a course to that new warm or hot audience that has been created by the Virtual Summit. But to have a successful summit you have to know where you are trying to take your audience and what you want to teach them as an infopreneur.

When talking about if a Virtual Summit is right for you, Bailey says you need to ask yourself “Is this something you are committed to promoting over the long term?” You can’t just put something up on your website and expect it to just produce well for you if you aren’t doing something to market and drive traffic that product. If you are a service based business you might have to get into a different mindset. You have to think about “How am I going to continually bring attention to this product? Is it going to be through an affiliate programs, Facebook Ads, a new organic traffic strategy, etc?”

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