159: Adult Student Success with your Group Programs

Adult learners come to the arts for a variety of reasons – realizing a lifelong dream, finding a new hobby, reconnecting to something they previously enjoyed and advancing their skills, among many.

Unlike children, adults have a plethora of responsibilities outside of our online programs. They work, have families and are responsible for household tasks. The best online group programs fit into this chaotic lifestyle, because of their flexibility and clear expectations.

In this episode, we go into a few strategies to help you set your adult learners up for success, including using gamification which we discussed in Episode 155 and using email or text automations.

With group programs, we want to make our students comfortable becoming part of the group and feel included in the group through interaction, engagement and office hours/live virtual sessions.

You are not responsible for your students success, you are responsible for setting them up for the best chance for success.

I encourage you to look at the culture of your studio and create an environment rich with encouragement and motivation. This will take your students a long way!

As always, I’m happy to discuss this or anything else going on with your online studio and programs. Simply go to http://callwithjaime.com or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook.

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