158: A success matrix for your Online Studio

How do you measure the success of your online efforts? It is through facts and figures, feelings and emotions, income and impact or some combination of these?

I believe that every single one of us is going to feel successful when there is a combination of what we can feel and what w can measure.

Everything that we do in our businesses will fall into one of four quadrants in the Success Matrix for Online Studios… These quadrants are:

  • Top Left: Not Measurable. Does not Evoke Feeling.
  • Top Right: Measurable. Does not Evoke Feeling.
  • Bottom Left: Not Measurable. Evokes Feelings.
  • Bottom Right: Measurable. Evokes Feelings.

For one studio, the act of receiving testimonials may be in the top right quadrant, it’s a number but it doesn’t make your heart sing whereas another studio may live for testimonials and doesn’t actually measure how many come in!

Your success matrix is YOURS. Nobody needs to define it for you, but your staff needs to understand what it means to be successful.

Defining success is a step towards achieving it – if we don’t know what we’re striving for, success is going to be elusive. We’ll think that we have it, only to turn around and realize that this “success” doesn’t afford us what we desire.

I love bringing these episodes to you each week. And I love all the amazing conversations I’m having with listeners like you — want to chat? http://callwithjaime.com

And with that, create your success matrix and do something that will help your studio thrive online this year and well into the future!

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