165: Conversations with Listeners & Clients

Celebrate with me! This is the official 3rd Anniversary Episode of the Expand Online Podcast.

The podcast kicked off in April 2018 and since this is the last episode of March 2021, we’re celebrating! Leave a rating and review in your favorite podcast app (the one you’re listening in right now, or if it doesn’t have a review system, head to iTunes!)

On this episode, I share takeaways from three conversations I’ve had recently.

  1. A new podcast listener who is getting ready to launch a music program live for his students/audience
  2. A client who is creating a series of online courses
  3. A longtime listener who is ready to invite her email list members to join her online group program

Conversations like these make my heart sing. I love being in conversation with you — the more I understand about you, your business and your ideal students, the better this podcast will be week in and week out.

Join me in conversation: http://callwithjaime.com

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