166: Pricing Your Online Music Lessons & Programs

This episode is not focused on raising your prices. It is not focused on squeezing as much as you can out of your students and their parents. It’s not even about actually setting prices!

In reality, this episode of the podcast is strictly about thinking about pricing your lessons and programs for the online space.

When we start or expand our online offerings, it’s a perfect time to re-evaluate how we set our pricing.

In this episode, I share with you my thoughts on:

  • pricing group programs that highlight the actual deliverables
  • pricing one on one online lessons
  • pricing small group online lessons

The difference between group programs and small group lessons is the way that instruction is presented and the expectation that occurs inside live sessions. That is not the focus of this episode, and I didn’t even bring it up while I was recording, but I thought it would be helpful in case you had that question — have another questions for me? Send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook!

This episode was entirely inspired and crafted after a short Instagram DM conversation with a voice and piano teacher a few days ago.

And and upcoming episode can come out of a conversation that we have –> https://techofbusiness.com/connect-call/ (this is a 30-minute call the one that I list on the podcast is http://callwithjaime.com which lasts 10-minutes — both are free!)

Do you know someone who is ready to launch a new online program? Be sure to share this episode with them so that they price the program to match the deliverables 🙂

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