174: Launching Your Online Music Program with Katie Zaccardi and Bree Noble

Joining me for today’s episode are Katie Zaccardi and Bree Noble. These two ladies have a great program that they are launching — all about launching — and they are all in on music education. I’m delighted to bring you this conversation here on the podcast.
Before I give you a rundown, be sure to sign up for their free challenge using either of these links: https://www.katiezaccardi.com/freechallenge or profitablemusician.com/freechallenge and take their quiz: https://www.katiezaccardi.com/quiz or https://profitablemusician.com/quiz (It’s all about not having preferential treatment — they take you to the exact same place, just one is Bree’s link the other is Katie’s!)
OK, so now that we got that out of the way, let’s put a couple of highlights on the topics we discuss:
  • finding a way to get attention online for your program without being annoying and turning off potential students
  • building a runway that leads up to your program launch
  • what not to do in a pre-launch phase
  • how everyone who participates in your launch actually benefits (and remembers that) even if they don’t purchase
  • split audiences – where your student is a child and the stakeholder is the parent
  • using the right language in your launch
I hope you got a lot of value out of this episode, Katie and Bree are amazing and their upcoming challenge looks awesome. Be sure to connect with them if you’re at the launch stage — if you’re however still working to figure out what you are going to launch, that’s where I come in — click this link to book a connect call with me –> https://techofbusiness.com/connect-call/

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